Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Au revoir, France

I am still a mess of swirling thoughts. Why does my brain never think of the best outcome of a situation? Instead I get wrapped up in things that it makes up will happen (because, surely?) that send me into a spiral of negative thinking. I know that in theory it's a worst-case scenario preparation, right? I mean I guess it comes from always asking "Well, what's the worst that could happen?" (shrug). But that's more supposed to show that the worst is surely not that bad and I'll survive. Instead I make up these worst case scenarios and track them out to their eventual outcome and then figure well I'll just do that now upfront and save myself the trouble ... when the worst hasn't even happened yet!!

Okay, that was probably a bit difficult to follow. But what it really says is that I need to call a few of the numbers I got from my twitter friends and book an appointment with a rational person to set me straight. That, or hide away and make myself miserable until it's passed.

Monday was nice, SCM as usual. Last night was France's last night in South Africa. So she, CollegeInstructor and I headed off to try and go up in the Monte Casino hot air balloon again ... well that was (again) a total waste of time. After we got there they told us that conditions weren't go and they weren't running. I swear there was not even a breathe of wind in the air. But they hadn't been running since 3pm that afternoon. Sound to me a little too much like lazy service providers, really. And seriously, they should have a better way of telling people ... (okay, I guess we could've phoned, but I didn't think it was nearly as erratic as it's turned out to be). There is no mention at any parking entrance to Monte Casino that it's not running. And this is a pay-on-entry system they've got. So that was annoying and we headed back home for an hour before heading straight back there for dinner.

Gotta be Gourmet Garage for her last supper! The Trucker came thru and joined us too. Yum, delish as usual :) But shoo, I was so full by the end of dinner.

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Tamara said...

Sorry you're feeling confused and worried. Hope you find a good person to talk to who can put your bust mind at ease.

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