Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Type Stuff

It was a weird weekend. I'm still feeling weird. If I had found a psychologist I liked in Joburg, I'd be booking an appointment ... just one of those get all the stuff swirling in my head said out loud and see where to from there kinda appointments. (If anyone wants to recommend a female psychologist in the Joburg North, Sandton/Rivonia/Bryanston area in the comments, I'd appreciate it. Or drop me an email). Yes, I have a lot swirling about in my head. A lot.

So, anyway, aside from that, I popped over to The Trucker's for dinner on Friday night. We ended up getting Chinese take-out. It's the first time I've had Chinese food since I was in China. To say it was a let down would be an understatement. I can't believe how all the same Chinese restaurant menu's here are (we went to another Chinese restaurant for sushi on Sunday night). My Cashew nut Chicken with noodles was still tasty. But I expected something more, or different, or I don't really know what.

We watched Due Date. I think we both just needed a quiet night on the couch. I wasn't super impressed with the movie (probably why I hadn't watched it on big screen). I do adore Robert Downey Jnr tho. But this just felt like one of those ridiculously annoying towards the end where everything that can go wrong still is going wrong. There is only so much of that I can really put up with in a movie (which is why I generally struggle with things like Meet the Parents and The Hangover).

On Saturday I had a very lazy morning, went for a walk and then headed off to lunch with some of our old Bookclub friends at TSG. It was great fun catching up with them all because I don't think I've seen some of them at all this whole year! And an afternoon of pasta & wine was ideal for the icy day.

Later The Trucker & I headed to Red Room with some of his friends, which was fun. Although I apparently drank a little too much (see, this is why I should drive to RR, cause then I drink nothing but water. Apparently my tolerance for alcohol has dropped significantly!). Which meant Sunday was less than stellar.

I meant to do stuff while he was off playing cricket. Like catch up on Holiday blog posts and watch Xmen (he doesn't want to see it). But those things didn't really happen. In the afternoon we hung out on his couch again and watched The Thomas Crown Affair and had a long afternoon nap. And then went to have sushi for dinner.

All in all a pretty blah weekend.

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