Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I blame the weather

Well there is not much to say this Wednesday morning. It's been a pretty quiet week. SCM Dinner on Monday night as per usual and an evening at home watching series and preparing Holiday Blog Posts last night. I always forget how much effort they are. And something weird is happening. Usually I adore re-living my trip on my return thru these blog posts. But this time they're just feeling like something tedious I have to get done :(

I did *finally* get my tyres balanced and aligned. I don't really want to write tyre there, I want to write wheel, but it doesn't sound right, although technically I think it is right because they do take the entire wheel off for the alignment (as far as I know just the black out tread bit is the tyre). Anyway, I got that done. I've been meaning to do it since before I went away. I don't know why they can't just do it as part of your car servicing, but anyway :P

In other good news I seem to be mostly back to normal health-wise. Apparently I didn't actually have strep-throat, just a bad tonsillitis infection. My doc made it sound way worse (maybe it looked way worse?) than it actually felt. My blood tests (all 8 billion of them) showed that my thyroid is normal, my cholesterol is high (as always) and apparently my cortisol is high (I gather that's a stress indicator and now I have to go back to the doc in a month to have it looked at).

And then there was a truly insane storm in Jozi last night. Literally I was woken at 2am and repeatedly thereafter as it poured and hailed down till 6am (just in time for me to get out of bed). Felt awful for The Bundles tho, because although they had the tarp over them, and usually that does a good enough job, the wind was so wild during this storm, I'm sure the entire hutch was drenched. I also went out this morn to find Lily & Rex had got out the hutch (storm had caused the thing keeping the door closed to move). They're all fine tho and mostly loving this cold weather.

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Tamara said...

I think you'd be right to say wheel alignment.

And how bizarre is this weather?! Rain, hail and storm madness for hours and now, suddenly, sunshine.

Glad the bunnies are all ok!

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