Thursday, July 21, 2011


Awe, I had such a lovely evening last night :) <3

But first, the week. Monday I headed back to SCM for a very quiet evening. But nice to see everyone again :) Last night I stayed home and was miserable and read my book in bed from about 7pm. This was largely due to a minor misunderstanding over text between The Trucker & I which we were both too stubborn to fix immediately. But after about an hour & half I caved and called him and we had a lovely convo. So far things seem to be really good in the resolving and talking thru minor issues department. I think we're at the stage of testing boundaries and seeing what's okay and what's not. And handling it smoothly :)

So I was thrilled when my dinner plans for last night fell thru and instead he booked us a dinner in Olivedale at a surprise destination. Turns out it was at Cafe del Sol (no idea when he actually did that since apparently he's been trying to get a booking there for about 2weeks now!).

The restaurant is lovely. The decor is fresh and the place was busy but didn't feel crowded or loud. The service was good and not pushy. The food was divine! We started with their Beetroot Carpaccio which I would really recommend. What an amazing combination of flavours!

I had the Amatriciana sauce with their home made Tagliatelle, which was *supurb* - I think The Trucker was a little jealous :) Am looking forward to the leftovers for lunch! And although we really weren't planning it, we were tempted by their Chocolate Lindt Cake for dessert. Completely decadent and reminded me a little of The Attic's Hot Chocolate Pudding. Yum.

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And then I braved staying at his house during the week and facing the traffic this morning. Was up about 20mins earlier than usual but got to work before I normally leaving my house (all that with a half hour drive). I feel like I've been awake for hours already!

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