Friday, July 22, 2011

16 May: Kunming to Guangzhou to Dubai

Urgh. I think this has been one of the longest days of my life! We fell asleep to the sound of the rain storming outside and woke up to find the weather not much different. We had a final breakfast together and then there was much faffing around.

Eventually it stopped raining so I went for a bit of a walk, which did nothing more than confirm that either this city is a wasted stop for tourists or we're terribly situated. I guess in some ways it is always interesting to wander an area where real life takes place, as opposed to being in a completely touristy part of the city. Although I probably would lose interest equally quickly if we had been surrounded by yet more of the same tourist trinket shops too. Not entirely sure what I was hoping for from today, but I didn't find it. I think this trip has been a bit long for me.

I did go to the spot next to the hotel for a whole body massage, which was probably the creepiest massage experience of my life. Although you remain fully clothed, I just don't think I like a male masseuse. The whole place gave me a weird feeling and the massage was quite sore too. Overall, not something I'd recommend, even if you're looking to waste and hour. It was not a relaxing experience.

I had a quick shower afterwards and then checked out of my hotel room. My Airport Shuttle was early and I was the only passenger and I ended up with 2.5hrs to waste at Kunming Airport waiting for my 18h25 flight to Guangzhou. Boy is it noisy when an airport has constant announcements. Although it all sounded like there were loads of delayed flights.

I left Kunming on time after a very uneventful wait. The flight to Guangzhou wasn't too bad - aside from it being a stop-off point from another destination so the plane was already packed and instead of my aisle seat (I always prefer an aisle), I ended up sitting between 2 little old ladies because someone else had already swapped my seat. Ah well, I don't really mind since I'm traveling alone and it was only a 1.5hr flight. Which I had nothing to do on. Seriously, a Kindle would've been a genius purchase for this trip! But they did feed us so that kept us mostly occupied.

Guangzhou airport was insane. For a place I've never heard of before, it was massive and packed. I had to collect my luggage from the local flight and check-in again at International Departures.

Oh My Word, you would've sworn Guangzhou was the gateway to Africa. I've never seen so many people with excess baggage. I could've sworn I'd arrived at some kind of freight counter. I just hope my luggage arrives and doesn't get bumped for that one guy's 11 washing-machine-sized boxes! I even saw a guy check in a flat screen TV. And I've just seen someone else with a screen as hand luggage too.

Anyway, on to Dubai.

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