Monday, July 25, 2011

Movies & Food

Well it was a varied weekend :) On Friday night The Trucker came over and went to Ghazal's for dinner. He'd never been before and it was fabulous. Yumyum. We got a Chicken Mahknie and a Chicken Korma to share :)

On Saturday he headed off to do some work and I had an admin morning, cleaning the bunny hutch and dropping off my mountain of recycling. In the evening we went to Cedar Square and had some sushi at Yamakazi. Wow, I'm pretty fussy about my sushi, but I liked this spot. I especially liked their Strawberry, Cheese & Salmon Rainbow Rolls. Such divine flavours :) This will become a standard spot for pre/post movie sushi, I expect :)

And then we went to watch Horrible Bosses. It was alright, definitely some funny bits, but not at all what I was expecting. I guess I wasn't expecting something quite as frivolous ... but it was a star-studded cast.

On Sunday morning I went and had breakfast with InterviewingForAHusband who was up in Joburg. Awesome to catch up :) And then I went and depressed myself by attempting to house-hunt a little. Sigh. I just thought maybe I'd have a look and see what's available at the moment ... and it did nothing but frustrate me :(

In the evening I went back to The Trucker's house and we went for a walk and then he made dinner and we watched The Adjustment Bureau. meh. It was okay, but it took a while to explain itself and it didn't really feel very compelling at all. I would definitely wait for a bored night at home to watch this ... don't go out of your way.

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Tamara said...

Oooh... craving Ghazal's now!

Felt the same way about The Adjustment Bureau. Can't make up my mind whether it'll be worth seeing Horrible Bosses.

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