Thursday, July 07, 2011

Poor Bunnies

Righto, well it's been a pretty quiet week, actually. Monday night was SCM, as usual.

Tuesday night I spent a night at home. I had great plans for finishing off my holiday posts (which are all typed out, I've just gotta sort thru photos). But, well, that didn't happen. I guess when I get a night off, all I want to do is curl up in bed with some mindless series. Which is precisely what I did.

I am finding tho, much to my surprise, that I don't cherish my evenings home alone as much as I did when I was single. Sigh, funny how it happens when you find someone you actually want to curl up with, it means you actually miss having them around when you have some time to yourself (I know this probably seems obvious). Well, I probably wouldn't if I was off on a shopping spree or keeping busy. But when I'm in bed and watching series, then I really do. I forgot what that was like, honestly.

And then last night was a bit crazy. I went to gym and came home and had some awesome time playing outside with the bunnies. Rex & Coal were climbing all over me to try get another grape! This bribery with food thing is wonderful :) And then I left them to run a bit (which I always do) and went inside to shower. When I got out the shower and back into my room to dress, I heard the dogs squealing, right outside my window!

OMG the panic. Someone had left the gate to the dog's side of the garden open and the dogs had got out and one of them was inside the bunny enclosure with it's head inside the hutch! Thank goodness I built a massive hutch with 3 floors so the bunnies could easily get away, but they were completely terrified, understandably. I got the dogs away and locked back on their side of the garden. And took Coal and Rex inside to inspect properly in the light (by now it was dark outside). No one seems hurt. Lily wasn't leaving her box for anything so I left her be. Poor bunnies :(

So, that left me a bit shattered for the rest of the evening. Weird how the thought of the potential disaster, that didn't happen, can still leave you reeling in shock.

Anyway, The Trucker came over for dinner a little later. I made roasted butternut, biltong and feta wraps, which he was a little skeptical about, but seemed to like :) And then I was dragged off on a drive across Joburg on some urgent work mission of his. But he did take me to Rocket for a hot chocolate after :)

And that has been my week so far.

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