Monday, July 11, 2011


Another weekend down. I feel like time is simply flying past. This wasn't a terribly eventful weekend.

The Trucker joined me for @Rubyletters and @scottjorton's birthday drinks at The Grillhouse on Friday evening. Which was nice, although far quieter than last year. The real downside was my glass of wine that cost R70 (OMG! It was not *that* good).

Saturday was a bit more of an admin day. We went to Grand Central for breakfast, I do like their Croque Madam. And then we headed off to The Trucker's house so he could finish unpacking and do house admin while I got this week's holiday posts ready (yay!) and lazed in the sun reading my book :)

After that we went to the movies and in a comedy of errors ranging from checking the wrong date for the movie we wanted to see and thinking the time was actually an hour later than it was, we ended up seeing The Green Lantern, in 3D. Urgh. I'll reiterate again how much I do NOT like 3D movies. But I had no choice here.

The movie, otherwise, was pretty fun. I do generally enjoy Ryan Reynolds. The storyline is nothing earth-shattering tho. And then we went home and watched Memento (The Trucker had never seen it!!).

On Sunday. The Trucker was up early and off to work and then cricket so I didn't see him at all. Instead I went and had breakfast with @Nadgia at JB's Corner. I was craving something sweet for breakfast today and had their flapjacks. OMG but it was rich.

And then I went off and did some pretty unsuccessful clothes shopping :P Urgh. Not in the right mood and I hate shopping when it's become a necessity. After that it was a relaxing afternoon at home :)

Tweet to remember: Even tho technically you know you're dating someone, it's still pretty awesome the first time they refer to you as "girlfriend" - about 11 hours ago

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