Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 August: Maun

Ah, what a lovely day! We were up pretty early to get the tent all packed up and us ready for our day on the river. We had some breakfast and then headed out.

We were taken by boat to a spot further up the Okavango river where we met up with our Mokoro captains & their mokoros. Weirdest part is that they now have all these fibre glass ones!

And off we went. I sat in front and trailed my hand in the water enjoying the calmness around me. It was lovely. Although I won't lie, by the time we reached the island we were stopping at for lunch, my butt was killing me! Should taken a cushion ;)

We had a lovely guy steering us, Tony. We chatted a lot to him about his life. It was very interesting. The wander around the island was pretty boring, no animals and very hot. But we stopped in the shade and had a packed lunch we'd brought from the Okavango River Lodge, which was quite nice. And then we headed back, with the intention of going on a quick tour around the village before being taken back. But we got distracted by an elephant on the side of the river which delayed us too long to fit that in, unfortunately :(

It was a fabulous way to spend a day and I would really recommend it as part of any trip to the Okavango :) And I think my favourite part was the frogs ... turns out I was quite an expert frog-spotter (they're so cute!) and even ended up with a stow-away for a little while :)

That evening we headed into Maun for dinner at The Sports Bar. It was pretty average, aside from some haloumi spring rolls, which were delish! Botswana was not a winning culinary destination for me :P


Tamara said...

I am desperate to visit the Okovango! Especially now that I know there are cute frogs :-) Are they too fast to photograph close up? I'd want to try that. Although I'd be scared of taking my big camera in the small boat.

phillygirl said...

We didn't take the SLR along either, but I think it'd probably be perfectly safe. I did have a ziplock bag to keep my camera in for in-case when it wasn't in use tho. The mokoro's are pretty stable. Often you're moving past too fast to get a good close up of the tiny frogs. I was just lucky that that little guy ended up in our boat and eventually on my shoulder. The Trucker was far less excited by it than I was tho - haha.

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