Monday, September 26, 2011

More Stuff

Shoo, it was a busy weekend. On Friday afternoon a friend of The Trucker's arrived from the States so I went thru to his house and we all (along with a bunch of other friend's of theirs) headed to The Keg for an evening of catching up. My goodness but was Friday night cold!

On Saturday morning the 3 of us headed to Wimpy for breakfast while watching some of the RWC2011. I do quite like their wrap breakfast. After breakfast we did a little shopping before dropping off The Trucker's friend at his family (he had a wedding he was out here for) and then to my place to check up on the bunnies.

Then it was off to another of The Trucker's friend's for a visit (they were braai-ing but since we were headed to another braai, we just stopped in for a drink to say hi to everyone). And then to a friend of his' mom's 50th braai. Sheesh, it was a busy day. And the funniest part was that even tho I started out not knowing anyone at the 50th, I left having met my dad's cousin & his wife who happened to be there. A rather entertaining turn of events, but highly likely in my world. Haha. And one of the birthday girl's sister's lives up the road from my uncle too. South Africa can be a pretty tiny place sometimes! It turned out to be a really good evening :)

On Sunday we had a lazy morning and then got up & showered and went for a walk. It was a beautiful morning after the overcast & freezing Saturday! The Trucker took me to Golden Harvest Park (which I didn't even know existed!). It was very cool. A weird place, with all these random house in the middle of the park, but good for a walk :)

And then it was back home and we made ourselves (mostly he did) a delish breakfast (another breakfast wrap) :) Snuggled up in front of the tv for a bit, started Game of Thrones. Then he had to do some work and I went home to clean the bunny hutch and do some grocery shopping for the week. You know, the annoying admin stuff that gets in the way of the weekend.

In the evening I watched The Girl Who Played with Fire. I thought it was a very good follow up to the first one and again I can't imagine why Hollywood is bothering to remake them.

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