Thursday, September 29, 2011


It's been an average week. A quiet night on Monday. SCM on Tuesday. And The Trucker & I went for sushi last night. It took the longest time ever and was not the best sushi experience I've had there (Cedar Square, why go anywhere else when you can get strawberry, salmon, avo & cream cheese rainbow rolls :) )

This morning we started work with a team breakfast at Europa ... so it has been a crazy busy morning trying to catch-up with work already. And I've been a bit sick the last 2 days. Which is annoying because I never get sick, and The Trucker seems to take great joy in pointing this out every time I have gotten sick this year so far :P I think this has been my sickest year ever (which really only includes a bout of tonsillitis and food poisoning :P So I don't think it's that bad going!)! Either way, I am ploughing my way thru a box of strepsils and medlemons and tissues at the moment. But I do feel better today than I did yesterday, so that's gotta count for something.

I am also feeling *very* poor! Paid both property attorneys now and my savings account is resembling my current account :( *sob* But I know it'll get back on track eventually ... But I am hoping my next salary comes round asap!

Oh, and I met with 3 interested potential new tenants from my investment property last night. That went well. But it is so funny how your "top contenders" change after you meet the people. I think I've pretty much already chosen my new tenant, honestly. But will wait for the credit check to come back before we sign anything :)

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