Friday, September 30, 2011

Congrats Peeble!

So big news last night. My little sister, The Peeb, is getting married next year! I am all kinds of excited for her ... and a little green that my baby sister is doing it first. But I guess with my checkered relationship history thus far, it's not too surprising. She, after all, has gone well past the 2.5yr mark with her now-fiance.

But they're still not conventional, he didn't really propose, there is no ring and she was picking a date before even telling anyone they'd decided. Haha. I guess that's to be expected from someone I never really expected to bother with signing the papers.

Sheesh, so I think that takes it to 3 weddings in Cape Town for me next year ... and I can't miss any of them. I've pretty much known all 3 people my whole life!

What else ... I went to The Trucker's last night. We had one of those nice (and rare for us) evenings at home just doing our own thing. He worked and I bathed and read my book. Much more in the style of an evening you'd have when living with someone. It was nice and comfortable, honestly. And good practice driving into work from his house (just a few kms further away than my new house will be!). Eep, which reminds me ... today will be my last Rental Payment!! This is super exciting news for me :) The lawyers have all been paid and now it's the downward slide to home ownership for me! Very exciting times :)


Anonymous said...

Trust me on this one-let the little sister break the wedding planning ice! MUCH less pressure on you! :)

Tamara said...

Congrats to your sis!

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