Monday, September 05, 2011

Meeting His Family

Well I had another awesome weekend :) And looking thru the calendar I can already tell we're heading into that crazy-busy pre-Xmas social whirlwind.

So back to this weekend ... on Friday we had a work Spring party. Which originally I thought they'd just put far too much effort into, but it turned out to be really nice and I was sorry that The Trucker hadn't joined me (for a change partners were invited and it worked better than usual, I thought). But he'd had his own crazy day and I went over to his place at about 8pm and we had a relaxing evening not even finishing the Top Gear Vietnam Special before yawning our heads off and going to bed. It was a long week!

On Saturday morning I was scheduled to meet his *entire* family! Eep. I won't lie, I was nervous. His mom & gran drove up from the Free State to stay with him till Tuesday, so everyone was meeting at his house for breakfast (which was delish!). So it was him & me, his mom & gran, his sister and her 9yr old daughter and his aunt & cousin. Sheesh. It was all a bit overwhelming initially, but by the time I headed off at 13h30 I'd had a lovely morning :)

But I had @Tamara0h's  Gypsy picnic to go home and dress up for! I arrived there at about 3pm and had a lovely afternoon sitting in the sun outside chatting with @Tara_L_B, @Rubyletters and @Angelsmind. And then at about 18h30 I was off again to a friend's housewarming. Sheesh, it was a crazy day and I left the house warming before 9pm, exhausted and needing just a little quiet time to myself.

On Sunday I headed back to The Trucker's for lunch with the family and stayed till dinner (we made a really yummy pasta!!). Is it weird that I think his family is the most similar to mine of anyone I've ever dated? I find it very strange. But good :)


AngelConradie said...

I'm glad for you that meeting his family went well. I think those meetings get more and more daunting the older one gets.
And it was awesome seeing you gain, its been too long.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it went really well. Meeting the family is usually one of those "big things" in a relationship, isn't it? ;-)

At some point we should have a meet-the-bloggers event I reckon. Mwahaha! We'll be on our best behaviour, promise.

phillygirl said...

@louisa123 - haha, I think we'll just save that for the housewarming ;)

Tamara said...

LOL at Louisa's idea.

Great to have you at the picnic on Sat. Glad the rest of your weekend was fun too, although it sounds jam-packed!

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