Friday, September 02, 2011


Mkay, my head has (thankfully) moved on from it's muddle. It just gets caught up in itself sometimes. But to be honest I haven't had a spare moment to think this week, really.

Work has been crazy! Have worked a bunch of overtime to get a site live yesterday. And aside from that, I went to dinner with The Trucker on Wednesday evening and to a friend's for dinner last night too.

On Wednesday, we tried Lapa Fo. I used to love the place, but it went a little downhill but it's been, literally, years since I last had their food so I figured it was time to try it again. Hmmm, the place was packed, but it all seemed to be the owner's friends. The service was unbelievable shocking. The completely screwed up my order (to the point that all I ended up eating were a few corners of The Trucker's pizza that had no mushrooms on it). I was being difficult, I'll admit. I ordered a pizza and removed 4 of the toppings and added one. I watched the waitress write it all down (correctly). And when my pizza arrived I could not work out why on earth it was so salty (I despise salt). After individually tasting all toppings, I discovered anchovies. Anchovies, when the base pizza I'd ordered was vegetarian and all I'd asked to be added was a different type of cheese. YUCK. It had taken so long from our original order being taken to our food arriving that since it was already 20h30, I was in no mood to place a new order. We left rather sharply. Apparently the food is actually good. So maybe we'll try it again, just as a take-out instead.

And yeah, last night I was exhausted after such a long and insane work day, but I headed off to @zoosev's for a dinner with the girls. Omg she made us an amazing dinner (a Moroccan chicken dish) and even better dessert (oven grilled fruit with homemade mango ice cream!). Such a lovely evening catching-up with everyone too!

Yawn. It's been a *long* week.

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AngelConradie said...

Ugh. I hate when restaurants get things so badly wrong.

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