Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Stuff Weeks are Made of

I'm in an oddly cheerful mood this morning ... which surprises me no end considering I did not sleep soundly at all last night. It took me a long time to get used to sleeping on my own again and now sleeping with someone else in the bed with me sometimes throws me. Especially cause at this point it's pretty erratic and usually we end up chatting till late not letting my brain switch off properly, you know?

Anyway, so this week ... Um, Monday was a total waste, and completely by accident. I had good intentions, I so often do. But instead I found myself watching 1 episode, that turned into 6, of Glee. I keep reminding myself that I do need these night's off since for the most part I'm out and about with other people each evening. But I am also starting to realise that I need to better use my free time and not use it for hibernating or escapism all the time, but rather for actually doing stuff around my house (like packing, or sorting ... there is always something!). I promise to be better and make better habits in my new house :)

Did I mention I'm going to have to buy a TV for my new house? Well I figure I must. I have realised that without one, I *never* use the lounge. And without one it is just not conducive to dvds on the couch etc. etc. So that is one major purchase I'm planning shortly after my move. (Mom, Dad and family, take note for Xmas, I will need donations to my new TV fund - haha!)

And then Tuesday was SCM and last night I stayed late at work for a Poker night, which was awesome. I haven't played in a while and was feeling a bit out of it initially, but ended up coming 3rd (of 9!). Awesome, I won a whopping R10 (on top of my original contribution, that I made back) - haha. The Trucker had had a horrible day so he decided to come over, which rather made my evening :)

And I got a present! He arrived with a pink Springbok shirt for me ... just in time for the Rugby World Cup, starting on Sunday. I've always meant to get myself one (not specifically a pink one), since I was dating Bean (he was an avid rugby fan), but never quite got round to it ... and now I ave one. YAY :)


The Chantal said...

wow no TV, lol can't imagine life without one, so you watch everything on your laptop? geez it will be soooo much better on your new TV. plus cuddle sessions on the couch while watching :)

errr I always wonder, what does SCM stand for?

AngelConradie said...

Awesome that he wanted to come to you when he had a kak day!

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