Friday, September 09, 2011

Upcoming Awesomeness

Thursday evening did not turn out to be nearly as fabulous as Wednesday. The Trucker was supposed to come over but ended up working till 2am (poor boy).

And this weekend is likely to be pretty average. Nothing specific planned except for a fondue this eve, which I am super looking forward to because I adore fondues! And then there is the rugby on Sunday (which I'm saving my shirt for - haha). But The Trucker is playing cricket the whole day ... so we'll see how that goes :P I have an admin day planned for Saturday. See, all very run of the mill at this stage.

*But* I am so looking forward to next week :) I'm off to the Sunday Times Piet Byleveld dinner on Wednesday evening (Yay! Scored some tickets after it was sold out cause someone cancelled). And then next weekend The Trucker & I are spending a weekend away ... in Bryanston. Haha. I know, kinda ridiculous, right? But I got the 2 nights for 2 people bed and breakfast super cheap on the St Lukes Auction :) And hey, I figure any night that's even kinda away for you both is good fun so why not?

And I especially picked our "away weekend" for next weekend because it's one of my all-time favourite Jozi events! The Taste of Joburg Festival :) It's their 5th year ... and I haven't missed one yet! I am so excited, it's The Trucker's first time :) I have tried to prepare him for what a Taste Nazi I am ... but I don't think he'll really understand till the day - haha.

Yep, I have a strategy and a formula ... none of this wishy-washy trying as I wander stuff for me. And I always go to the Saturday afternoon session. I go armed with my pen and the first thing I do is cross off everything I have no interest in eating (this list is inevitably far too short every year!). Then I do a second parse to try and whittle it away to a manageable number of things to try. Sharing is a nice idea but isn't usually effective, depending on who you're attending with (The Trucker does not eat seafood, the prawns will all be mine - mwahahahahaha) and the size of the portions (often quite tiny).

And then I rank the food in order of (my) priority, to ensure I absolutely don't miss out on my must-haves. And then the wandering can begin. Awe, I absolutely love the Taste of Joburg ... I can't wait!

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