Tuesday, October 04, 2011

12 August: Francistown to South Africa

We headed out of Francistown (A) early, so early that when we tried to pop in at Woolies or PnP on our way out (for braai supplies at the farm that night), they weren't even open! It was just before 9am.

And we drove and drove and drove back to the border crossing at Groblersbrug (B), which was much quicker on the way out of Botswana. And then we decided to toss a coin. Either we could go according to plan and stop at the farm overnight and head back into Jozi the next day or we could drive straight thru, arriving home around 6pm-ish.

As much as the farm is a weird experience, belonging to The Trucker's ex-girlf's dad and all, I was kinda all for spending the night there en route home. The week away had been bliss (even tho his phone was recently switched back on now that we were back in SA). And I knew that if we headed straight back to Joburg, the holiday would be over and we'd start faffing with real life stuff. Luckily the coin agreed with me :) Haha. And off to the farm we headed.

I wasn't quite prepared for what the evening had in store for me, I won't lie. Turns out the ex-girlf's dad and his wife were headed down to the farm for the weekend and we'd be having dinner with them. Before all that tho, we went off on a gorgeous sun-downer game drive on the other side of the farm and saw many of their (apparently) 25 giraffe.

To say dinner that evening was a peculiar experience would be a vast understatement. I won't get into details, but it was pretty damn surreal for me. And to top things off, we had breakfast again with them the next morning before we left (not my idea). Not exactly an experience I will be looking to repeat any time soon. And so, we left the farm after breakfast and finally headed home (C).


Tamara said...

Wow. That must have been odd.

Sounds like the Bots trip was pretty cool all in all.

Anonymous said...

That's insane... Hopefully there wasn't too much small talk, that's the absolute worst. I hope they made you feel welcome nonetheless.

I'm still loving all your traveling posts, it's so inspiring!

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