Monday, October 03, 2011


On Friday evening I headed out to Trabella for a birthday dinner. It was tricky to find because any signage was blocked by construction and parking in that Oxford-Corlett corner is generally a total nightmare. But other than that, I'm definitely planning on taking the trucker back there for pizza again :) Was yummy and it's such a cute little place. Although closed for renovations till 18th Oct.

The Trucker didn't come with me, he went out with his friend out from America again. And they headed to The Doors, while I headed home. I did consider joining them, but wasn't really in the mood.

Instead I was awake at 6:30am on Saturday morning, letting the bunnies run and eating left-over pizza while watching True Blood in bed. A lovely way to start the day :) At about 10, I showered and dressed and went to The Truckers and the 3 of us braved the chaos at Northgate for some breakfast (crazy!).

The afternoon was lazy, with a little bit of series-watching and napping and then in the evening we went to The Lyric to watch John Vlismas' One Dark Night. Wasn't the funniest of his show's I've seen, but I did enjoy it and my cheeks were sore :) Aside from the very annoying man sitting next to me who clearly wasn't aware that the seats were all attached and every time he stomped his legs and rocked himself back and forth with high pitched laughter, he was ruining it for me :P

Just as we were arriving it started storming, which it continued on and off till Sunday night. So Sunday was pretty lazy, ideal take-out and series weather :) It was a pretty perfect Sunday afternoon, honestly.

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