Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Oh wow. Yesterday was just dismal. Actually, I was having a pretty good day till about 3pm.

And then I phoned Telkom. Sigh. I'd ordered the move of my phone line and received an sms from them last week that didn't sound promising, but it wasn't till I called them for clarity yesterday afternoon that I discovered how dire the situation actually is.

Basically there is NO infrastructure left in the area I'm moving to ... which means that unless someone cancels their phone line (and I happen to be top of the waiting list), there is no chance of me getting a phone line. I'm guessing Ever. Their official line is "till their next financial year" (which is March 2012).

Practically yes, I guess I can believe it. But what sort of service are you offering that is not scalable and that you actually can not provide. I was also told that from now on I will have to call Telkom each month to get them to credit my account with the amount they'll automatically keep billing me for services I don't receive. Excellent :P What a fantastic service model Telkom. Seriously. I was completely livid. I just can not stand these situations that affect my life but are completely out of my control.

So I guess (when I calm down and stop hating Telkom and being angry and frustrated to the point of tears), I'll be looking for alternative solutions. But I am *not* happy about that. At. All. I don't want 3G, I don't like the idea of 3G. I like my permanent ADSL connection. Sigh. It ruined my *entire* day and has definitely removed some of my enthusiasm for moving. I like things to run smoothly.

And then there was just thing after thing of people letting me down or service providers not providing (2 more things happened before 6pm). I was flattened. I made myself (actually a quite yummy) dinner and then climbed into bed with my book to escape the day.


Anonymous said...

*shakes fist in the direction of telkom*

alidaonline said...

Hellkom can be quite absurd at the best of times.

The house we're in has a line installed so basically I just need to phone Telkom and get an account and hey presto I'll have ADSL. I haven't done this yet because I just know it's not going to be that simple.

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