Monday, October 17, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

Well, we had another pretty awesome weekend :) Lots of variety and not that much relaxing. Friday night wasn't that great, honestly. I headed off to The Trucker's house but he had some work still to do (truck-stuff that involves driving around to deliver 2 new tyres and pick up stuff from the mechanic and what not). Which I basically just tagged along for the drive. 2hrs later we were pretty exhausted and plowed thru some Chinese take-out and went to bed.

On Saturday morning he brought the Fluffies over (he was dog-sitting cause his ex was away for the weekend). And after playing with them for a bit, we headed off to breakfast. We went for breakfast at Cafe Rossini in Cresta and did some shopping.

After a bit of a relax at his house - I started watching Dark Knight while he faffed and sorted out some work stuff - we headed off to watch the Action Cricket World Cup final. OMG the place was packed, We watched the last bit of the girl's final (Australia vs. South Africa), which Australia won. And then the men's final (also Australia vs. South Africa), which Australia won too. Looking at Wikipedia, Australia seem completely undefeated in the finals :P

Then it was a race to dinner because the men's final started late. I went home to let the bunnies run for a bit and have a shower after sitting in the sweltering arena. The Trucker headed home to feed the Fluffies and take them for a quick walk before heading to my house.

Then it was off to @zoosev's for dinner with some friends from work. We had a delish dinner and played a few rousing games of 30 seconds (I always find that helpful when the boys hardly know each other and are too quiet to make conversation with each other easily). We left after midnight, only to arrive home and discover I had no electricity :( So I quickly grabbed some clothes and we headed back to The Trucker's.

On Sunday we went to Doppio for breakfast before heading to The Trucker's LSM cricket game. Sheesh it was a hot day for cricket! We got our grocery shopping out of the way before having a bit of a Sunday afternoon snooze. And then it was off to DJMike&his girlf's for a "Make your own Pizza" evening. OMG the pizza's were divine!

It was good, but quite exhausting. Am looking forward to a weekend away this weekend :) And then next weekend is moving weekend. Eep!!


Tamara said...

You have been doing a lot of cricket lately. Brave woman.

Glad it was a good weekend. Where are you off to next weekend?

Anonymous said...

My brother and my dad also went to that cricket thing - I was wondering if they would run into you. I asked my brother but he tells me he can't tell my computer people apart - I'm worried about that young man's eyesight. ;-)

Good luck with the move!

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