Monday, October 31, 2011

My New House!

Shoowee, what a weekend! Friday evening was a bit of a screw-up. I headed thru to the new house with a few more things in my car. And there I sat and waited for The Trucker. I had an awesome evening in mind, but his work got in the way. it's happening a lot lately and last week was particularly bad. I have high hopes that the person who's starting today will take some of that strain away because for someone who used to be very punctual and reliable (apparently before he owned the Trucks), he really is not lately and it's very frustrating for me.

Anyway, so him being late and then still dealing with stuff over the phone kinda ruined the mood so instead of the evening I was hoping for, we headed back to my old house so that I could pack up the kitchen and all my clothes (probably a better plan practically, really). But I did get to enjoy my first thunder & lightning storm from my verandah while waiting for him ... and every evening since! Haha. It is awesome :)

Saturday was such a long day. I was up at 6:30 dismantling the bunny hutch and 2.5hrs later I had cleaned and removed 225 bricks that were the base of the hutch. I'm sure I've probably left about 50 bricks behind, but I simply didn't have the energy for any more!

At about 9am, The Trucker got up and CollegeInstructor & ChrisLite came over. The Trucker is an amazing tetris-packer of the 2 bakkies (1 x Corsa, 1 x Mahindra). So we took thru the first load and unpacked it on the other side.

Sheesh, it went faster than I thought. ChrisLite had to go to a wedding so went home after the first load. But CollegeInstructor stayed and helped with the next 2 loads we took (with the Mahindra and my little c2). And that was that, everything had been moved by about 15h30.

I reassembled the bunny hutch while The Trucker went to drop off CollegeInstructor and then he came back and we put my 4-poster bed back together. So at least the bunnies & I had a place to sleep :) I was completely exhausted. I didn't let the bunnies out properly today. They were a little traumatised and just wanted to be safe in their hutch, no doubt to reassure themselves.

Can you believe The Trucker still found the energy to make it to RR for the Halloween party? I was finished. And I didn't sleep well cause I was so sore. But it was the first night in my new home.

I can't explain how much I adore the place. On Sunday morning I was up at 7:30 and the bunnies got their first taste of the new garden. They were completely adorable to watch! Lily was only concerned with the boundary walls. Coal tasted everything! And Rexy wasn't so sure. He only came out of the hutch about 10mins after the girls.

But they've all settled in really nicely. I think they love it. They came out about 3 times yesterday. Sadly they didn't get a pre-work morning run today tho, they are too hard to herd at the moment with so many plants for them to hide under. Haha.

Yesterday I started unpacking. My clothes are all in my cupboard (except for a few things like shoes & scarves). The kitchen is just about all unpacked (except for 1 bag that is mostly tupperware). I started shopping for stuff too, and making a list of stuff I want to buy / do to the place.

I really want to rip the entire kitchen out and redo it. It has shelves that are almost completely useless to me because I can't reach to the back of them. And I think it is really badly designed too. And I also now want to redo parts of the bathroom (particularly the bathroom). I've started a little on the garden (ripped out some plants when I made room for the hutch). I really want a bench for the verandah now too. Oh, and I want to redo the cupboard inside & doors in both bedrooms ... And redo the light fittings thruout. Yeah, it's a work in progress. But at least when it's done, it will really be mine :) Although that said, the Council still has not provided the cancellation figures :( Even if I had the cash right now, I'm not doing any of this till transfer goes thru.

Oooh, and did I mention how much I am loving having a bath again to relax in? I adore it!

Ps. excuse the poor quality photos, I dunno what exactly Blackberry was thinking, but the newer version of their Curve (which I now have) has the most rubbish camera compared with, well anything really, but specifically with their old version of the Curve (which I had before).


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It looks great - and I hope that you and your bunnies will all be very happy there.

Anonymous said...

yay!!!!! Congratulations my friend! Can't wait to come and see the place for myself:) So happy for you:)

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