Friday, October 28, 2011

The keys

So yesterday was a bit chaotic. Car Service went smoothly, no unexpected expenses there (Yay! A mere R1000 compared to last year's R6000! Had the breaks done last year ...). Considering how expensive this month has been, I am counting myself lucky (doctors bills, car service and I can only imagine what I'll need to spend on stuff I realise I need after moving).

The Trucker got caught up in a work crisis and I ended up having to race off and collect my car and leave his car & keys there for him to collect. And then it was off to The House to collect my new keys.

OMG OMG I have the keys to my very own home. The only thing that could've made me happier yesterday afternoon would be if transfer had already gone thru, but the council is still dragging their feet :( *sob* I have high hopes they can get this sorted before the end of Nov!

And then after meeting the previous owner and having a small bottle of Champagne to celebrate with him, we took a wander around and then said goodbye. And I was on my own, in my new home. I sat on my verrandah and just enjoyed the evening. And then I set off to let the bunnies have a bit of a run and collect a car-load of stuff. Which was not that impressive in my little C2, but it felt good :)

I parked in my new garage and unpacked and spent a little more time just sitting on my verrandah. I adore it. I feel at peace there.

Tonight I have high hopes of sitting with The Trucker, watching the rain fall (dammit rain, where are you?!), in front of my lit jet-master on the verrandah, eating take-out and drinking a bottle of red wine. That is my idea of the perfect evening tonight. Tho I'm beginning to suspect the weather won't be playing along :P

I can't wait for the bunnies to discover their new home. They are not very excited when I tell them all about it, so I guess it'll all just be a big surprise tomorrow. Yay. I can't wait :)

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alidaonline said...

Oh how very exciting. And a Jetmaster? That is just awesome.

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