Thursday, October 27, 2011

What's For Dinner?

Righto, this week. Um, on Monday evening I got bitten by the OMG-I'm-moving-in-mere-days bug and packed just about all remaining stuff. Even the bathroom is all packed except for the stuff I use daily. The only stuff that I haven't come close to is the kitchen and my bedroom (clothes). There is a possibility I could be getting the keys this evening, so keep your fingers crossed!! Eep.

It all kinda depends on how the car situation goes. This morning I'm driving The Trucker's BMW. He's kindly taken my car in for a service ... because he started listing of things I had to tell them and eventually gave up and just offered to do it himself. A great relief on my part, I promise. But somehow we have to re-swap cars again after the service ... and we're unclear on the exact logistics of this as yet. So it's hard for me to make concrete plans with the current owner (up from Cape Town) to meet up and get the keys as he is here for a work dinner. We have about a 3hr window, so let's hope we can make it happen! OMG. I'm moving this weekend!

So yeah, back to the week. On Tuesday we had a very special Wedding Edition of SCM Dinner (that's Slow Cooker Monday, but now on Tuesday, for everyone who keeps asking). @Thunderkitty6 was suitably blown away with the effort, the cake, the gifts and the champagne! Twas an awesome evening :)

And then last night, since The Trucker had been having a truly awful week, I figured instead of going out I'd cook him dinner. It was kinda amusing when he was on his way home before coming thru and phoned to ask what I wanted to do tonight and I could say dinner and dessert were all ready and waiting for him :)

And it was delish and unbelievably easy to prepare! I decided to try 2 dishes I'd pinned on Pinterest. First up, I prepared dessert which waiting patiently in the fridge till after dinner. Dessert was Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries. Let me tell you, I do not own a paring knife so it was not the easiest thing in the world to take the center out of the strawberries. But Woolies is currently selling hese absolutely mammoth ones, which made it a little easier because it really was like de-coring them. Also I replace the Graham Cracker crumbs with Tennis Biscuit crumbs. and just used a spoon to fill the strawbs. These looked so impressive and tasted quite amazing!

Dinner was Bacon Wrapped Chicken with a Cream Cheese filling. I served this with Woolies Mediterranean veggies. I may have used a little too much cream cheese, and not flattened the chicken quite enough. And I cooked it for only 30mins. But it came out perfectly. I have a left-over one for lunch today - yay. I think I might try these with the smaller chicken strips another time. These also looked completely impressive (that's a before photo)!

It's good to be cooking again :) On the downside tho, I barely got any sleep last night between the heat, a noisy mosquito and my brain spinning. So although I'm not tired yet, I expect to crash around 2pm. The only reason I know I got any sleep at all was cause I had a terrible dream about the bunnies escaping :(

Can't wait to introduce them to their new home this weekend. So exciting!

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