Thursday, November 17, 2011

All Good

Has been a good and busy week so far, honestly am looking to a quiet evening home alone with some series, a bath, my book and an early night (The Trucker has cricket this evening, perfectly timed - haha).

On Tuesday I skipped SCM (having seen the whole crowd on Saturday evening - is anyone else like me and prefers not to see the same people more than once a week?) and went to make a late dinner at The Trucker's after he'd had a long day. We watched some series and had a nice quiet evening. I like those times where you're not really doing anything just existing near each other (does that make sense?).

And then last night, on the spur of the moment, I decided to go and watch Nik Rabinowitz at The Market Theatre with @chrisdawson and @levonrivers (and a girl visiting from the US).

I haven't seen him before but I had heard good things. I laughed, but not that tear-of-laughter kind of laughing. I still prefer Trevor Noah & John Vlismas I think. Still, it was a fun night out and I'm glad I went :)

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