Monday, November 21, 2011

House Evolution

Wow, what an absolutely wonderful weekend I've had. Friday was kicked off in a seriously good mood and I'm still riding the high :)

The Trucker told me we were going out on Friday evening, but again wouldn't say to where. Nothing like a surprise date to look forward to to keep you in a good mood! Thursday was our 6months, actually. Although all we did was kinda acknowledge it over bbm. Sheesh. 6 months. In some ways it feels longer, in others so much shorter. But things are good for now and I adore him.

And then I got a surprise inheritance in my bank account. I say surprise because I didn't remember about it at all till my uncle called and asked for my bank details on Wednesday. Another surprise was that it was so much more than I was expecting. And it came with truly perfect timing! My grandfather gifted his inheritance from his brother's death to all his grandchildren.

I won't lie, I spent the weekend spending it on house-stuffs. My home has evolved so much this weekend and I love it more and more every day, as each little part becomes more me (although transfer is still not officially through, I have high hopes for it happening before the end of this week!).

On Friday after work I was instilled with a get-things-done attitude that stayed for the whole weekend. I headed out to hunt for a framer who I need to mount the 31 frames I have for my photo-wall. I haven't found one I like yet. But I did buy some brown paper, prestik and a black-marker pen and got started on cutting and marking each of the frames and demarcated the area on the wall where I plan for them to go (a method I found via Pinterest). I haven't finished this yet (ran out of brown paper, but I have bought more and I'll finish up during the week). I also realised I need 4 more frames for 4 more photos I want (one for The Peeb's wedding next March!). I realised how tricky it'll be to add more once they're all up on the wall ... oh well. I just really want them up and on display already! I can't tell you how excited this makes me :)

And then before I knew it, The Trucker was there to collect me for dinner. We went to Lucio's Pizzeria, which I'd never been to but he'd raved about. It's one of those dodgy-looking from the outside in a totally random location, but warm cosy inside with really delish pizza's! I was impressed, and I'd go back :)

Saturday was a crazy admin-filled day. We had to go drop off some stuff for The Trucker's trucks and then headed to breakfast. We tried the Woolies restaurant in Northgate. What a giant disappointment. Although the food was delish, the service was completely shocking and the portion sizes for their prices mean I'd probably never go back.

So, on my list for the weekend was buying curtains for the lounge & 2 bedrooms. By the end of the weekend, the 2 bedrooms have curtains (although that included exchanging the ones I orig bought because they ended up looking yellow with the light shining thru) and I've bought the lounge curtains but we got the wrong sized curtain rods so am waiting for the right one (neither of the Mr Prices we went to had the right size :( ).

Next up was my garden bench for my verandah. I've ordered it, I should be paying today when I get their invoice. Sadly they don't have their stock room open over the weekend so I couldn't get it there & then. Either they'll deliver or The Trucker will go and fetch it for me this week. I am *so* excited about this item on the list. Seriously. It's going to be awesome!

Next on the list was irrigation for the garden. I know, that may sound like a strange one, but It isn't that expensive and it really is going to make quite a difference to my garden. And I just adore the sound of the sprayers, like light rain :) So I bought all of what I needed, since I had already measured and whatnot during the week.

And then when we got home there was a flurry of putting up curtains and *finally* moving my dining room table to it's spot outside. I was really nervous about this (which is why I think I have been putting it off, aside from the sheer weight of the table) But not only does it fit, but it fits perfectly :) I am so so so happy. I can't wait to get an electrician in to put the new light fitting on the verandah for my Moroccan Light above the table. It's gonna be fantastic! The only thing is at the moment the table is barricaded from the bunnies so they don't nibble on it's legs. But that's obviously not a permanent solution. So am thinking of some kind of "leg-warmers" to stop them ... I will have to have a think about this.

Oh, the other thing I got was some mesh for the gate so that I can keep my sliding door open while the bunnies are outside in the garden. Has been sweltering keeping it closed in this heat while they've been out & about!

On Saturday evening, we collapsed with some take-out from Simply Asia and watched some series.

On Sunday we went for breakfast, stopped back at Mr Price to exchange the old bedroom curtains and the ill-fitting rod and then The Trucker went off to work, while I headed home to clean the bunny hutch and install my irrigation. OMG I love it. It is so awesome. Of course tho, that is why it has been pouring since the middle of last night non-stop :P Hahaha.

So, still on the list of minor-house-stuffs is collecting my new bench, getting the electrician in, getting new light fittings and switched and then getting the cupboards in the 2 bedrooms re-done. And then all the minor house-stuff will be done and I'll be super happy :) And then the saving for the kitchen-bathroom-tiling revamp will begin!

I relaxed on Sunday afternoon before heading to The Trucker's with dinner. We watched Kung Fu Panda 2. Yeah yeah, just the kind of mild entertainment I needed to end off and exhausting but oh so lovely weekend. Seriously. I'm filled with all sorts of bliss still this morning. The note in my breakfast didn't hurt either ;) *feeling so spoilt*


Tamara said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. So excited to see your place!

Spear The Mighty said...

Oh man I crave for some good Pizza but I can't afford it. I eat a slice and I gain like 3kgs. It is ridiculous. :)

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