Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Catch Me A Killer by Micki Pistorius

Micki Pistorius, who has a doctorate in psychology, has spent 6 years as a profiler with the South African Police Service. As head of their investigation psychology unit, she was involved in more than 30 serial killer cases and participated in the training of nearly 200 detectives in the investigation of serial homicides. "Catch me a Killer" is the story of her remarkable career.

So this was quite an interesting read after Byleveld. It's very different. It's differently written and I guess it's a different side to the investigative story. I think I definitely preferred Byleveld. There is something about the way this was written that I didn't quite like. Sometimes it got confusing and I felt like she hadn't been clear about things. And I'm also not into this whole "and then I swam into the abyss" nonsense. But whatevs. It's her story, it's what she believes and feels. I don't quite buy it. But either way it's still a very interesting read. Again because who can believe the sheer quantity of serial killers we have in this country. It's kinda frightening, really. Glad to hear they're so good at catching them :)


alidaonline said...

I've read this one but haven't read Byleveld yet (but it's on my list of books to get my hands on).

craniac said...

Regarding the comparison to Byleveld, it's worth noting that Byleveld said that profiling is rubbish as killers are all unique. So it's interesting to see that the same organisation of which he was the "top cop", also had profilers.

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