Thursday, November 10, 2011


It's been a kind of weird week. Seriously, I'm asking myself today how it can only be Thursday. Anyway, not a very eventful week, however.

I don't even remember what I did on Monday evening ... On Tuesday I intended to go to SCM as usual. But at about 18h30 I was lying on my couch reading my book and could barely keep my eyes open. I went to bed and finished my book before falling asleep early. I guess these 5:30am wake-ups are taking their toll. I didn't feel especially refreshed the next morning but I think it did definitely help.

Last night I was kind of intending to go to a work social dinner, but then decided I didn't really think I was in the mood. But since The Trucker had already made other plans, I decided to go out and do something constructive.

This started with a drive out to Angel's place to deliver my very lonely fish. Poor thing, I have felt so bad since I moved about him :( I had the pond set up at the old house but it wasn't very well looked after and at some point my big yellow koi died (the one who survived well past when I expected!). I knew there was a little orange guy in there still but I wasn't too fussed since I knew I was moving soon. So we emptied the pond during the move and at the new house I decided I didn't actually want to set it up again. The water-plant had really grown out of hand (it is still on my verrandah because I can't pick it up and get rid of it!!) and there are no outdoor plug points to connect a pump to. Besides, I decided I just didn't need the hassle. Maybe one day it'll make a come-back tho... but not right now.

So I put word out on twitter that I had a fish looking for a new home. The poor thing, I hope he survives, he's been thru so much in the last 2 weeks. His pond being dismantled, a drive to my new house, living in a tiny amount of water for a week & half with no friends, a drive to Angel's House and now an introduction to a new home with more fish and bigger fish than he's ever known! Anyhoo, in a flurry of second-hand pet acquisitions, my fish now lives with Angel. I hope he'll be happier there :)

And then, well, since I was out and had no other plans I decided to head to the work dinner. And I'm really glad I did. It was a nice small group (7 incl me) and although I was too late to eat, we sat and had a drink and chatted for about an hour.

The evening turned out quite well. Aside from the fact that (although I haven't seen the movie) I feel like I'm starring in "He's Just Not That Into You". Sigh. That's a whole other story, which I'm not ready to write about. Needless to say that at this point, I don't think that The Trucker & I will make it to 2012.


Anonymous said...

*Big Hugs* sorry to hear your troubles my friend. Thinking of you!

Tamara said...

Sorry it's been rough :-( Hope this weekend is super awesome and makes up for the crappy week.

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