Monday, November 28, 2011

Hey, Hey Cape Town!

So last Thursday I managed to (again!!) lock myself out of my house :P I am beginning to feel a little foolish. I mean I can't remember any other time before this that I've ever done this! Let alone twice (three times if you count The Trucker locking his car keys in his boot too, so hopefully we've covered the magic three and can be done with this now!)

On Thursday I managed to lock my house keys in my car, and only realise once I'd locked the padlock on the garage! Pfft, seriously? Luckily The Trucker was nearby and popped over to valiantly let me in again.

He didn't stay long, he was playing action cricket in the evening and I had @Kath_Forrest coming over to see the new house :)

On Friday morning The Trucker & I headed off to Lanseria to fly to Cape Town for the weekend. The morning didn't start well, but everything was fine once we landed :)

It was a lovely weekend spent with the family :) On Friday afternoon I let The Trucker nap and headed off to spend some time visiting my gran. In the evening we went to the massive party (the reason we were down for the weekend) at Polana. Was such a fun evening, with good food and a great venue. Danced the night away and drank far too many mojitos. Haha.

We had a late lazy Saturday morning followed by a sushi lunch at Just Sushi in Simonstown with Daddio and my cousin. Wow, did we order far too much :) Haha.

The weather was damn windy and quite overcast, but I was determined to take The Trucker to our beach cottage. So we headed there after lunch and after a quick walk on the beach, we spent the rest of the afternoon reading, relaxing and napping to the sound of the waves.

On Saturday evening we went to The Woodlands Eatery for dinner with The Divine Miss M. Wow, such an adorable little place, and the food was delish! We shared 3 of their pizzas, The Lamb Pizza (my favourite!), The Parma Ham Rocket and Goats Cheese Pizza and the Bacon Blue Cheese Chili and Avo Pizza. Seriously folks, I would recommend you try this place!

On Sunday the whole fan-damily headed out to Blouberg for breakfast at On The Rocks. Although the view they have there is beautiful, I was seriously unimpressed by the restaurant in general. I couldn't hear anyone at the other end of our table, the food was less than fantastic and the decor was just way too over the top for the gorgeous sea-side spot in my opinion. I wouldn't go back.

Yes, Cape Town weekends always seem to be all about food - haha. I also got to play with my Mom's 2 new kitties. OMG they are too cute and although they were less than impressed with our presence when we first arrived on Friday they were playing and scampering over me quite happily by the Sunday. Awe, can't wait to see them again in December :) The Trucker got some adorable photos, but I don't have copies so can't post them :(

What an awesome weekend. Am so not in the mood for work today!

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