Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Keeping Busy

As I type this I am busy copying files from my old work compuer (Linux) to my new one (Windows). Yes, Linux is officially no longer a part of my life (except on our web servers, I guess). It's a kinda sad day, honestly. I really like a lot of Linux, and there are bits of Windows I prefer too. Me, I'm still wishing they'd get round to inventing Winux, the best of both worlds - haha.

So, it's likely to be a slow day getting all set up. But I am hoping my sloooow computer issues will be solved :)

So some stuff to tell. I forgot about the tedious Saturday afternoon we actually had on the weekend! The Trucker managed to lock his keys in his car boot. Annoying because he was parked in front of my garage doors so we couldn't even get my car out to go to his house. So we decided to take a walk. Thank goodness I live so close to him now :) It took us about half an hour.

When we got there, he searched and searched and couldn't find his spare keys. Bugger. And then the afternoon really turned into a comedy of errors. We were gonna take his motorbike back to my house (to save us from the walk back), but what do you know, the battery was dead and even with a couple of push-starts we couldn't get it going. So we walked ... And BMW Assist came to our rescue to get his keys out the boot.

I actually really enjoyed the walks :)

Anyway, on Monday I had a much deserved quiet night at home. For the last 2 nights I've been getting my photo wall finalised and actually stuck up on the wall. This is actually harder than it sounds. I tried going straight from the brown-paper cut-outs to the wall, but things ended up very unbalanced with plenty of weird spaces between ill-fitting frames. The solution that ended up working for me was demarkating the same area on the wall on my lounge floor and physically moving the actual frames around. This gave me a much better visualisation.

After that it was easy enough to make the wall match the floor :) I am so far very happy with the outcome. Although I dont think I'll be moving further with this till I get 3 more frames and the photos for them printed (I already know what they are and I can't believe the huge oversight ... but it's because they're currently in another group frame). (Sorry the picture is so rubbish, was too dark not to have the lights on which created quite a glare and the bb camera is useless at best!)

I also started the grand-move-around in the lounge. I moved my book shelf to it's new potential spot. Although I won't lie, I don't much like it in the new place. I'm gonna leave it there for a week or so and see if I warm to it.

Was supposed to meet the electrician last night, but that has been postponed to Thursday eve. Have paid for my garden bench, but not sure when The Trucker will have time to collect that for me.

Last night I went to SCM Dinner. Sheesh but what a storm! Driving up Malibongwe was quite an experience. Flooding! I even saw a full black rubbish bag floating down the slow lane :P On the plus side, I can confirm that my garden didn't flood (I have a brick blocking half the drainage pipe so that the bunnies cant escape). The down side of this lovely cool rainy weather is that I haven't got to play with my new toy (irrigation) at all!! Haha. I'm sure there'll be plenty of time in future :)

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