Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back to the Normal

Haven't been in the mood for blogging ... my blue mood only drifted off yesterday. But now things are sun-shiney again :)

Monday I went for my personal trainer assessment. Yes, I am finally in the right mindset to do something about the fact that I don't have a clue about what to do at gym to actually be useful to me. It's expensive (i won't lie), which is why I think the mindset is so important. I'm in this now for 3months, I've decided. And based on the results we'll see what happens after that. The assessment wasn't too bad, since I had no measurements to compare things with. It was hard trying to find a trainer tho who had free time at my available slots (I am very particular about when I'm available), I ended up actually having to relocate my gym membership to a different club.

So anyway, I had my first session last night. I'm a little stiff this morn, and I didn't die ;) haha. I did get quite light-headed tho, which should be solved by eating something closer to when I train. So I am kitted out at work today with all sorts of little snacks to keep my metabolism up between meals.

I suspect this is going to be an interesting experiment ....

In other news, SCM started back up on Tuesday evening and even that is heading towards the healthy. We're going to try eating as close to 7pm as possible (to give us longer to digest before bed) and then do our sitting around chatting after. At the moment we usually end up eating anytime between 8 & 8:30pm.

The Trucker, luckily, also has a personal trainer (he has for about a year now I think) and he is back in the "be more active, eat healthier" frame of mind :) So I think I've got it covered ... Mom wants to do a 5kg challenge before The Peeb's wedding at the end of March. That would be awesome!

So The Trucker came over last night and cooked me dinner (such a lovely boy this, I adore him). And he hung my new paraffin lanterns, I got fire-engine red ones to hang on either side of the fireplace on the verandah (will take a daylight photo later for you). So we sat outside on my bench, chatting by lantern-light last night after dinner. Lovely.

And I have even come up with a potential idea for my bday. Now if you've been reading a while, I usually pretty much ignore my bday because it is around those April/May public holidays so people are usually away, enjoying a long weekend. So actually having a plan in January is super unlike me - haha. What I'm thinking of doing is a 4-day Orange River Trip with Felix Unite and just telling all my friends to come along if they want to. See, this is something I've been wanting to do since before I even moved up to Joburg! So yeah. The Trucker & I are keen, so at very least I think it could be just the 2 of us ... and then I'm sure one or two other people might be keen to join us :)

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