Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Surprise Date Night

Wow, I really seem to have lost my blogging mojo. Just so not interested right now ...

The weekend was pretty good. Surprise Date Night on Friday was the Planetarium. The Trucker took his 9yr old niece and I and it was awesome. I probably last went back in primary school in Cape Town. Such a fun offbeat idea for an evening out :) Although I do kinda wish they'd kept the lights out and just let us sit and watch the stars moving over time for about 15mins at the end. That would've been awesome. I'm not that interested in the astronomy stuff. And I really do struggle to see how on earth they made up the constellations!! But I am now very keen for the clouds to clear in the evening so that we can use the star chart to spot the stars & planets (Jupiter is in our sky at the moment) that were mentioned. Probably the most entertaining part of the evening for me tho was listening to The Trucker's niece telling her mom the stories when we got home.

On Saturday morning we woke up late and The Trucker made breakfast. He's been promising me his Orange Juice French Toast for months now ... I was skeptical, and I doubt it'll become a favourite, but it wasn't too bad ;) Haha. And then we went to do some shopping ... and I figured out exactly what I need for the one wall in my lounge ... and even better, on Sunday I found the perfect thing online :) Going to go check it out in real life next weekend! Sigh, since I organised my lounge, it seems like I just need more furniture. Haha.

Anyway, the weather was weird on Saturday and we just spent the rest of the afternoon & evening relaxing. We tried to watch a movie, but Thor crashed about half an hour in :P Then we struggled to find something else we wanted to watch and ended up watching Scre4m. Which was a waste of time, but that's sometimes the way it goes with what you leave to watch on small screen :P

On Sunday I had @tfrayne and @zoosev coming over for brunch which was awesome :) After that, The Trucker got his Buell working and he came to pick me up and we went to a friend of his for a birthday braai and the most delish burgers I've had in a while! We went for a walk at Golden Harvest after that.

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