Monday, January 30, 2012

Still Good

Wow, can I reiterate again what a difference 7 days makes :) Still in an awesome mood after a lovely weekend.

On Friday night I took The Trucker on a date night ... all secret and stuff like he does for me. Haha. It is less exciting because he puts up less of a fuss about having no idea where we're going ;) But he loved the new little restaurant we tried. I took him to Dukes Burgers in Greenside. I'd never been either.

Well, the service was non-existant. Seriously, thruout the evening and the place was busy, but I hardly think that's an excuse based on how many staff they had working. We waited around at the entrance for a while to be seated and eventually gave up and just went to find the table reserved with my name. Then we had to eventually stop a passing waitress to ask for menus (after watching all of them congregating around the bar area for the entire time we'd been waiting). At one point in the evening, after having ordered a 2nd round of drinks from our waitress when she brought our meals, The Trucker just went to the bar and got our drinks himself because they just never arrived ... and when she brought our bill she couldn't remember how many drinks we'd had.

So, aside from their horrendous service ( and on your busiest evenings, it should be jacked up, really, I feel), the food was good and their menu is quite amazing, it was hard to choose from so many options :) I had an ostrich burger (with brie and something, I forget) and The Trucker stuck with a beef burger with 3 cheeses. I think we'd go back ... during the week.

On Saturday we had a quick breakfast and then headed out to Reitz for the night to visit The Trucker's mom ... who's birthday is today. Highlight of the day was that we finally got to visit the wolves! Basically there is a farm there that looks after wolves and wolf-hybrids. We got to go into the enclosures and pet them and even played with 2 cubs they had that were a few months old. So so cute!

On Sunday we went for breakfast at a little restaurant run by the same guy and then after a nap we drove home. It was a very relaxing weekend :) And in very exciting news, planning for my birthday-holiday is coming together really nicely! Yay.

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