Thursday, January 26, 2012

Loved Up

Well, in a total reversal of last week, this week I have been in an awesome mood and having a fabulous week! Haha. Happens like that, I guess.

The Trucker & I are definitely still riding the high of our get-back-together :) *gush* I do rather adore this boy, he can be so sweet to me. Am feeling very loved up right now. And so excited planning Mom & Peeb's weekend up here in Feb and a week in CT with The Trucker in March for The Peeb's wedding.

On Tuesday afternoon I went and got my eye-test done. I haven't had an eye test in probably at least 4 years ... And apparently I'm about as close to 20/20 as I can get (without actually still having 100% perfect vision). Basically my one eye is a 0.125 (or something) and their measurements only start from 0.25 ... so I could barely notice the difference between the two. So there is no need for any prescriptions or anything yet. All good news, as far as I'm concerned. But it was 16h30 and I think my eyes were tired after a day in front of the computer screen ... the best time of day for an eye test, according to the optometrist. Anyhoo, will have to remember to add that to my annual list of things to get done.

I also got a few photo's printed ... because on Wednesday I carted off my giant Microwave box of 34 frames to the guy who is going to be doing all the mountings. I am so so so excited. I can't wait to get the photo's all mounted in their frames and get them all hung on my wall. Can. Not. Wait. Should be getting them back next Friday :) This has been such a long time coming ... sheesh, two & a half years!

On Tuesday evening I went to Simply Asia for dinner with @nadia_ass. Less impressive that I was hoping for ... I forget that their normal food is not my favourite sort of Thai (wow, must go back to Cranks soon!) - usually I go for their spicy prawn soup, which I *love*. So the food was a mere distraction for the evening which was spent in deep conversation catching up on each others lives :)

Last night I was tired and spent a quiet evening in front of the tv. But, the Trucker came over after dinner with @Toxic_Mouse :)


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