Thursday, February 09, 2012


So, mostly this week is going just fine. On Monday I had a mad crazy busy evening driving around. Gym to Home, cleaned the bunny hutch, showered, made dinner, inhaled dinner, drove off to J9-double0blonde's place to collect some very old books from our previous bookclub. And then on the way back I popped past DJMike's to deliver my empty hard drive for refilling.

Got home after 9. I was exhausted. On Tuesday I went to SCM Dinner, always good :) And The Trucker surprised me by coming over after :) Saw him last night for take-out and a movie as well. We watched True Grit. It was a surprising movie. I'm not really sure what the point of it was, but it had some great dialog. Seriously, watch it just for that. The actress is really funny-looking tho.

And then, in other news ... I can't figure out where my pillow cases currently are. They use one of those US tracking websites ... but the last entry is from Grand Rapids on the 3rd. It's now the 9th. Are they sending it to SA by boat, do you think? (Is that what they do with post? I just assumed they'd fly everything over). They did say 9-10days for delivery ... so maybe I won't worry just yet. The annoying part is they won't just give you an email address to contact them for queries, you have to select all these things, I assume to direct your query properly, but there is nothing labeled "Where is my freaking parcel?!". and I certainly don't plan on calling them :P I'm not even sure their tracking site would update from SA, would it? Anyway, that is the least of my annoyances currently.

MTN. So annoying. So last week I applied thru MTN Direct for a 3G, so that I can finally have internet at home again (I was borrowing one from my mom since Nov, but had to send that back). Wow, I was so impressed with the MTN Direct sales process when placing my order. It was smooth and efficient and apparently my 3G would be delivered within 3 days, but the sales lady said I should have it on Tuesday this week.

So fast-forward to Tuesday when I have an hour left of my working day (and my delivery address is the office) ... I call them to find out what is potting. MTN puts me thru to their Delivery company, RTT, with my tracking code. All fine so far. RTT has no record of my tracking code on their system, could I please contact MTN again. Tell me how there is a tracking code if the delivery company doesn't have the item ... ? But anyway. So I phone MTN again. Nope I must go back to the sales dept because they can only give me my tracking number at this dept. Right.

So I speak to the 4th person of this hunt, in the Sales dept, and he was actually very helpful. For some reason my 3G has been sitting in the warehouse since Friday, no idea why it hasn't gone to the Delivery company yet. Great. So they sort that out and later in the afternoon, I get a call from RTT asking if they can deliver it the next day (yesterday). Definitely.

And hour before I left work yesterday, I start the same process, because it hasn't arrived yet and no one has phoned me (they said they'd call an hour before they came to deliver it). At this point I ask MTN very specific questions about this delivery company, their name, their number (so I can call them directly). And I get transferred thru to them. But they don't answer. So I try calling directly. Wrong dept get transferred to switchboard. Get transferred to the tracking people, they check and apparently it's with the driver. They'll transfer me to the driver to see when it'll be delivered. Disconnect.

I try calling the 2 numbers for RTT that MTN gave me ... no answer. I phone MTN again. I ask them again to give me the numbers, I get two new different numbers from the first two! They transfer me again. It never answers. I try again, I think about 3 times. I finally get thru. They finally successfully put me thru to the driver. Who was fantastic. He managed to get my 3G here before I left for the day.

Later, after gym, when I was home, I tried to call MTN to activate my 3G & sim. Do you think that worked? No, apparently there are no records for my id number & sim card combination. And then every time they were going to transfer me to an operator for help the call just disconnected. Completely. Useless. I've just tried again this morning and the call crashed while they were repeating my sim card number back to me. #sigh

And what really blows me away is that I've been complaining about this dreadful service on twitter and no one has responded at all. Does MTN  not have someone managing their social media? How very naive of them. Although I guess we already know that most of these big corporates don't really care about our business or service delivery :P

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