Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Little Bit Sick

Thursday was quiet, just what I needed. Cause on Friday The Trucker and I got all dressed up and went to watch The Phantom of the Opera at Monte. It is one of my all-time favourite musicals, I saw it in London back in January 1998 and I own the cd. Of course, I know the songs by heart. Strangely it's one of only 2 musicals The Trucker will agree to watching (luckily the other is Rocky Horror, but I have my heart set on forcing him to watch Moulin Rouge too - haha).

Anyway, I wore my Sass Designs dress and off we went. I was ready to be awed, and I think that was a problem. Don't misunderstand, I did enjoy it, but I wasn't blown away. The niggly things: Carlotta's voice was far too high-pitched for me and during the medleys she drowned everyone else out (I think we had Hanlee Louw) and Christine, although her voice was amazing, she looked too awkward, gangly and pointy for me (we had Magdalene Minnaar) ... I can't explain it exactly. The highlights: The set for the boat scene was spectacular, I thought. And no one could fault the guy playing The Phantom, he was spot-on, perfect.

All in all a good night out and I'd recommend it :)

On Saturday we decided to go try out the Neighbourhood Goods market for the first time. Wow, it is truly an awesome little spot. Initially it's all a little overwhelming, crowded with so many stalls with so many options of things to try. We did an initial wander around looking at everything, trying to decide what to settle on for breakfast. We also took a wander upstairs but that is more clothing / craft stuff which I find less appealing. Downstairs we decided on these Seasonal Breakfast pancake type things. They were amazing!! It'll be hard not to have them again, but there are so many other things to try :) We bought some Spanish chorizo and pesto to make pasta for dinner (we had it on Sunday eve with some avo and it was delish!). We bought some flavoured chips, some samoosas (not great) and some cider to take home too. And we ended our wanderings with a yummy waffle to share (and I took home a divine pumpkin & feta mini-quiche for lunch - yumyum). Couldn't believe we were there for only an hour ... and we left with only R5 left in our wallets - no wonder they make you pay for parking upfront! We'll be back.

In the afternoon, The Trucker had to go work so I faffed around at home. I bought some new plants for the garden and started designing my new kitchen :) Later we were supposed to go to a movie, but he was a bit exhausted so we stayed in and watched series. Saturday was a perfect and superb day <3

He was up early on Sunday morning to head back to work and then to cricket. I faffed around and did my grocery shopping and not much of anything, really. He came over after cricket and we had our delish pasta dinner and watched more series.

In other news, here is the update on my MTN saga. So I finally got my 3G activated thru their call-center on Thursday. Should be up and running in 24hrs she said. I left it till Friday when I got home from work to check (more than 24hrs later). Only to discover that although it was now successfully activated, I was apparently not RICA-ed. So it didn't work. Despite the fact that I handed over all my relevant documentation over to the delivery guy as requested. On Sunday morning I popped into an actual branch and got myself RICA-ed (with the exact same documentation I'd already given them) within 5 minutes. The sales guy was very nice and helpful. And yes, this has all been a spectacular advertisement to actually go into a branch and get things done immediately. It would've saved me so much hassle.

Well, let me tell you, after I got home from all my shopping and I finally tried to use my internet, that I'd been assured would now be working, I was in for yet another surprise. Instead of the 2Gb I'd signed up for, I had a mere 850Mb available. Oh. My. Gawd. Seriously. Could they have got not a single thing right the first time during this entire process? I raced off to my nearest MTN store (not the one I went to this morning), where I found their 2 employees standing outside locking up the store. I explained my frustration with this more-than-a-week long process but it fell on less than interested ears. They couldn't help me. Right. Of course not. More than ever I was seething with the incompetence and sheer lack of service from this company.

I had to phone their call center yet again yesterday morning, only to be told that my 2Gb will only kick in on the 21st of the month. Thanks alot. You could've mentioned that upfront :P At least I have internet now. But I am just waiting to see what else they can screw up in the next 24mnths of my contract. Pity they had the best 3G contract, otherwise I would've stuck with Vodacom.

Yesterday I stayed home from work. I woke up with serious sinus, I couldn't stop sneezing or blowing my nose, my throat was sore and scratchy and my ears were blocked. In short I was miserable. I popped into Dischem and the Sinutab, Med-Lemon and Strepsil combo seems to have helped. Am very annoyed because I had to skip gym (okay not that annoyed) and dinner with @louisabouwer (rather annoyed). #sigh

At least I managed to get most of the bookings done for Birthday Holiday 2012 :D And this morning I'm feeling *much* better than yesterday morning ... although still not 100%. Oh, and today is Valentine's Day. And no, I'm generally not into the schmaltzy side of it, I do like any excuse to do something special. No, we won't be going out for dinner, I have something planned for at home. Tell you all about it tomorrow :)

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