Friday, February 24, 2012


Right, blogging. There isn't much to tell this week, honestly. Worked late on Tuesday eve, so missed @clairam's birthday SCM Dinner :( The Trucker came over and made me dinner on Wednesday night and then we proceeded to have a mammoth disagreement, but all is back to fine and lovelyness now :) He popped in last night to surprise me, which was very sweet. We're not very good at arguing, sadly. He has a flight response when he feels under attack. He just shuts down, does not want to talk and leaves. Me, I need to talk about the issue and get it resolved and then I'll be fine. If I don't it won't go away and I will end up an emotional wreck. So yeah, thank goodness this time we kept talking and got everything back to happy early yesterday morning. I adore this boy. Even when he drives me crazy.

And that is about as exciting as my week has been ... But it is The Trucker's birthday on Sunday. Not that that matter seems of any relevance to him. So yeah, I'm open to any awesome birthday special things you can think of to suggest :) I did consider making him breakfast on Sunday ... but I dunno. Haha, how ridiculous that I was so much better prepared for valentines Day :P

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