Monday, February 27, 2012

The Boyf's Birthday Weekend

Another good weekend, another Monday starting out feeling all full of the wonderfulness of life. Life really is good at the moment <3

On Friday night The Trucker came over and we had a quiet evening at home. I watched The Iron Lady, he got bored and read a book. I won't go so far as to say I loved it, I will be looking Margaret Thatcher up on Wikipedia a little later tho for more background info. And I definitely think Meryl Streep deserved that Oscar, she was unbelievably brilliant in the role! Seriously. (Although I haven't watched the Help yet). Anyway, the film was generally boring tho. I guess because I don't really know what all happened at the time really. I suppose it'll be more interesting for an older generation? Hard to say.

On Saturday The Trucker & I took a drive out to Villiers for breakfast with his Mom & Gran (it's about the half-way mark). That was a nice start to the day and afterwards we did a little shopping and then relaxed at home till it was time to head out for dinner for his birthday. He invited a bunch of friends to The Greek Sizzler. I don't think I've been there before - well, I might've once but it would've been a very very long time ago. Anyway, I was surprised to find he didn't need a booking on a Saturday night and we were probably about 15 people. The Trucker & I started with a small platter to share as a starter. I quite liked it :) And we both had the Halloumi & Chicken Pita for our mains (not too big which was perfect after that starter). But it is not a pita like I was expecting at all. I was expecting something more like and Anat Pita ... but this was just Halloumi & Chicken along with some tomato and peppadew rolled inside a pita like a wrap.

After that we headed to a pool bar for a couple of games where the boys showed off some impressive  skill. And then 4 of us headed to Red Room to end the evening. Sadly it's nothing like I remember it back when I was going almost every weekend (probably that's 2yrs ago now! Sheesh). But we did have a good time and I drove us home at about 02:30am.

We slept late-ish and then The Trucker opened my gift. He loved it. So did I (I hadn't peeked either!). He knew what he was getting because it was something on his Xmas list. I used Print Wild and had one of the photos I'd taken on our Botswana trip printed on canvas (900x400). It looks amazing!

Then we headed off to breakfast with his Sister & niece. He went and played cricket in the afternoon while I got a bunch of admin done. And then he came over for dinner. Hopefully I'll get to take him out for a special dinner this week sometime, we weren't really in the mood last night.

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