Monday, March 12, 2012

Time is Flying

Meh, it was a bit of a weird weekend ... so I'm around average on the enthusiasm scales this Monday morning.

On Friday night, The Trucker was supposed to be at a bachelor party (which was orig sposed to be on the weekend of his birthday). But yet again it was postponed (I dunno how any of these things get organised when left to 3 boys). I'd already made plans with my friends for the evening tho. So I headed off to Clearwater for some shoe shopping & dinner with @Arkwife & @Rubyletters. It was a lovely afternoon, although I was definitely drained and quite over shopping by the time we'd finished the bottom floor. Luckily @Arkwife & I had both found the shoes we needed (me for The Peeb's wedding ... to match my new dress). We had dinner at Juicy Lucy and I managed to get home thru a massive storm by 8pm. The Trucker came over later because he'd just been working at home.

On Saturday morning he left early to go meet the groom to go outfit shopping and I headed to Hyde Park to collect my new Birkenstocks. I bought my first pair back when I first moved to Joburg, so about 7.5yrs ago now and finally I realised they really do need replacing! But boy have they lasted. And I adore my new shiny ones :) After that I met up with @jarredcinman at Life for a coffee.

I popped in at the Exclusive Books Mega Warehouse sale on my way home, but I breezed in and out quite quickly. I don't enjoy it at all now that it is so crowded and I especially didn't like that the books weren't on shelves this time (where their spines are all facing you and you can easily see past the people crowding around, this time they were all on tables so you really had to try and squeeze past people to see clearly). I am not sure I will even bother next time.

The Trucker was done with the shopping by the time I got back so we headed to Clearwater to get some shopping he needed to do for work done. We had a lazy afternoon and then headed to Assaggi for dinner. One of the guys at work had recommended it to me and we were at a bit of a loose end on Saturday eve. It was quite nice :) We shared their Zucchini fries to start (yum!). And then I had their spinach cannelloni. I enjoyed it. It is in a bit of a weird center tho, but was packed on Saturday night (we still managed to get a booking for two at about 4pm tho).

On Sunday we went for a walk at Golden Harvest Park and then made breakfast together at home. Then he headed off to do some admin and play cricket while I went and did some grocery shopping - am also very excited because I bought some wonton wrappers, which I've been trying to find to make a recipe I found via Pinterest: Petite Lasagnas.

Later in the evening I went over to The Trucker's for dinner (he made Philly Cheese Steak Rolls - that's Cheese Steak Rolls which are apparently famous in Philadelphia, not made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese ... I was confused for a while). They were delish, but far too huge for me. And then we watched Machine Gun Preacher.

Shoo, not a light movie. There was more than one occasion I averted my eyes from what was going on on-screen. The movie itself, I suppose, is very good. It lost me a little with all the religious ferver. Seems a lot of movies these days are steeped in overly religious tones (we gave up watching The Tree of Life because of similar reasons in the first 15 minutes or so).

Anyway, aside from that, it was also hard to watch because of all the Kony 2012 stuff that is plastering my Facebook feed. We finally watched the video that's been posted and while I hope they stop Kony, it did make us wonder what came first ... this movie? Anyway, it's amazing what social media is doing for this cause in a way that has never been achieved before, I believe.

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Lovely Light said...

Ohhh- The Tree of Life is my top worst movie ever. We saw it at the theater and 3 couples walked out. The few us us that stayed walked out laughing because we were so shocked at how bad it was.

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