Thursday, March 15, 2012

Valentines Day 2.0

Ah. I am back to feeling over-flowing with love and happiness. Seriously folks, I don't remember ever being this happy or just feeling all round good and upbeat for so long and consistently ever before ... It's a lovely thing :) I'm full to bursting.

So, it's been another busy busy week. On Monday evening I made some Woolies sorbet between wafer biscuits for dessert and headed off to @louisabouwer's for dinner. My word, Nicola has really grown up since I last say her. Her hair is long and so curly, and she's completely adorable. She even tried teaching me some Afrikaans (because I answered in English when she asked me about the colours of her pencils ... she was determined I should say it in Afrikaans - haha). We had a lovely dinner and catch-up :)

On Tuesday evening I went to SCM as usual. And The Trucker came over after he'd played Action Cricket. #sigh this was one of those nights where we stay up chatting into the night instead of going to sleep at a reasonable hour. And then, again, I just couldn't get to sleep properly. Seriously, that makes it once a week I've had a night like that for the last 3 weeks. I am no longer amused.

And on Wednesday, I got a surprise at work ... which The Trucker annoyingly teased me about the night before - I am no good with surprises. Well, I am fine if I don't know there is going to be one. But don't dangle some unknown information in front of me and refuse to say any more! Anyway, he had a gorgeous bunch of red roses delivered to my office :D And all the card said was "Because it's not 14th February xxx". Awe.

Seriously, how completely unexpected and what an awesome and lovely idea :) And he went flat-out. He came over and cooked an amazing dinner for me (I was banned from the kitchen). We had prawns in green curry with noodles. It was *amazing* (managed to save some for lunch today - yay!). I couldn't believe he had never made it before! And then there was apple crumble (store-bought) for dessert. It was a lovely evening. I adore this boy.

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Anonymous said...

This young man definitely sounds like a keeper. ;-)

It was really great seeing you and that desert didn't make it through the week. Yumm...

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