Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Day Week

Yay. So far it has been a lovely morning ... I say that as I am currently sitting on my garden bench, listening to the birds go wild at their feeder and watching the bunnies play in the garden while I drink my hot-honey-water.

I decided to work from home today. Gotta get the most out of this laptop, I figure. And I had no meetings this morning and I wanted to test out the vpn setup on it (for one day when I might actually have to work from home). So far so good :) I'll go in a bit later after the traffic. The best part was the extra snooze for 50mins this morning! Hey, maybe I'll do this once a week ...

Anyway, this week. Right (casts mind back) ... On Monday night I went for sushi at Cedar Square with @Rubyletters. Was lovely to catch-up. What I've learnt is that if you wait for ages till everyone in my blog girls group is available for a catch-up, it just takes too long. So sometimes it's nice to just do a mini-one with one or two of them. Sushi was, as always, delish and to put the cherry on top, The Trucker came over after I got home.

On Tuesday evening I went to SCM, but it wasn't at The Blue House because @clairam is jet-setting around Turkey this week. Poor girl :P And after that I went over to The Truckers. You know, I really like the doing-your-own-thing evenings but still snuggling up together in bed. That's the thing I want from living together. But, surprisingly, I'm not quite ready for the rest of it ... although I don't believe it would be the same with this boy at all. I was thinking about it the other day and realised, in every other relationship where I've lived with someone I've dated, I was already living with them by now. And sure, it's usually a matter of convenience, and this time I have my own home, so giving it up is that much harder (am simply not ready for that yet!). But I think this boy & I just move slower ... and I kinda like that, honestly. Yes, yes, I'm madly in love, I know.

On Wednesday, The Trucker worked late, getting the Pajero ready for our trip - has been a week-long project but will hopefully be finished today! (I dunno exactly what has happened, but I know it involved taking the whole engine out!). I made him lie to the mechanic he's working with on this to say we were leaving for Namibia a week early, because every other trip we've gone on in the old Pajero, this guy has been working on it till the last minute and we've left 2hrs late! I refuse to do that on my birthday. And, you know what? The Trucker told him we were leaving on Wednesday this week ... good thing we weren't really because it'll only be ready today!! Sheesh, can you *imagine* how annoyed I would've been.

So, I stayed home and watched Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. We'd started watching on Saturday, and got about half an hour in, but The Trucker got a bit bored with it. I loved it. It's quirky and cool ... but long! I can't believe they're making movies of all my favourite books these days.

Yesterday, I was expecting The Trucker to come over for dinner, but he ended up working late on the Pajero again and only arrived at about 20h30. We re-read thru our Namibia itinerary and got all excited for our trip ... although we need to do some prep-shopping this weekend!

And that was my week. Yesterday, I was in a bit of a weird mood. I am in a better mood now so don't really want to talk about it. Just was a bit blue ... it happens when you think about life too much, I think. Everything becomes a little overwhelming and you begin to question everything you do and wonder if you made the right choices and if things will work out the way you hope.

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