Monday, April 23, 2012

Looking Back

Shooo. Just realised this morning that today a year ago I was packing for my trip to Russia & China! Sheesh, how time has flown. And that, of course, meant I'd missed the one-year anniversary of my first kiss with The Trucker! (I looked it up, so handy having a blog, and it was on Saturday!). Wow, a year.  I guess after Varen I couldn't really imagine finding someone I could date for this long ... and to be fair it took a fair amount of time to find him. I am completely in love with this boy. I know that I am definitely still in the honeymoon phase, but I am loving it <3 :)

That also means it's Birthday Week for me. Thirty Two on Thursday. I haven't had too much birthday-weirdness this year (usually I do), but thinking about that does kinda explain my blue-mood from last week. You know, the life-is-overwhelming one ... the one where you remember you're about to turn old and no one has ever asked you to marry them and you've never fallen pregnant and will any of those things ever happen ... #sigh. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. But it is kinda hard since I don't really know if those things are on the cards for me anymore (anything seemed possible when I was younger). Anyway, just remind me I've still got 2 years till I plan to throw caution to the wind ... and let's face it, a lot can happen and change in 2 years. Finger's crossed tho.

Anyway, back to reality. The weekend ... It was a pretty quiet one, honestly. On Friday evening, The Trucker & I went to dinner with some of my work-friends at one of their houses. We had a great evening. Well, I did. Us girls all know each other pretty well and all worked together for about 3 years before the first of us left the company. But, we all have very different boys ... and they seem to struggle. Usually we just do girl-catch-ups ... but every so often it's nice to have our boys along too. But girls seem a lot easier to throw together randomly based on the boys they're dating. Boys not so much. They even tried to watch rugby but apparently there was nothing on. Maybe next time we'll make them braai - haha.

On Saturday we had an admin morning before The Trucker headed off to his mom's for the night. He'd originally planned to go because I had a friend's bday on Saturday evening and he wanted to take the new Pajero on a longish-trip before we head to Namibia at the end of this week. But my plans got cancelled. Still, I didn't go because I figured he probably needed some family time on his own ... and I get him non-stop for 10days from Thursday :)

So I was at a bit of a loose end. I had some shopping to get done and then I ended up going to Ruby Sushi with @samanthaperry and some friends of hers. I was not blown away ... although I didn't have any sushi. I tried their chicken satay, which was very dry and not enough sauce. And then I had the crispy beef, which was fine but I also found the beef had been cooked to within and inch of existence. So I wouldn't order that again. They did have some interesting sushi options (like with bacon! I sent The Trucker a photo - haha), but they serve the 8 piece portions, so they immediately fall out of potential sushi spot status for me. Oh well.

I had a very lazy Sunday morning. Seriously, it was absolutely lovely. Drinking hot chocolate, sitting on my garden bench, reading my book, listening to the birds fight over seed at the feeder and watching the bunnies run :) #bliss.

Then reality set in and I got up, cleaned the hutch, showered and made myself some breakfast. The Trucker got back at about 2pm and we headed straight to the shops to stock up on stuff for our Namibia trip. Made it by the skin of our teeth as everything closes so early on a Sunday :P But we ended the afternoon off with a Red Velvet Waffle from Mugg&Bean (I'd seen @beagle_momma tweet about it earlier in the week!) Pretty. And I thought was delish. But yeah, don't need to have it again anytime soon. Was a nice novelty tho :)

The Trucker came over for dinner (I threw together so delish Tuna Salad) and we watched We Bought a Zoo.I enjoyed it. Probably because I would love to buy a zoo :D Matt Damon is not my fave and I was a little horrified to hear that The Trucker falls into the part of society that thinks Scarlett Johansson is sexy ... #sigh. Mostly, I just think she can't really act :P But, aside from that, I loved it. 

Oh, and since we're being all retrospective in this post, I figured I'd mention that this weekend I realised I've been out of school for 15 years now ... Oh. My. Gawd. How on earth did that happen? Not that school is anything more than a distant memory, honestly. But that just sounds so long ago!

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