Monday, April 16, 2012

Highlight: Titanic Centenary

Yawn. Shoo, I can't believe another weekend has come and gone ... this one flew past! And only one more weekend in Joburg and then we're off to Namibia :D

So on Friday evening The Trucker & I had a quiet night at home watching series. On Saturday we headed out to tick off a lot of admin items. I needed a new track-pad for my Blackberry. I'm not the only person I know with this Curve to have this problem, and it's been completely driving me nuts for months now. The track-pad seems to become too light sensitive (or something) and it is pretty much impossible to use because it auto-scrolls All. The. Time. Anyhoo, a guy at work had the same model Blackberry with the same problem and he found a place to get the track-pad replaced in Campus Square. So that was on the list for Saturday morning. I am much happier. And it was ready in less than 20mins. Definitely sounds better than going via the Vodacom shop where they probably would've taken my whole phone and got it back to me 3 weeks later or something ridiculous.

Anyway, since we were in Melville, we headed to 44 Stanley for a late breakfast at Vovo Telo. The service was pretty rubbish, but the food was good (I tried their Pain Perdu). I still have major issues with their drinks-options, as someone who doesn't drink coffee or tea .. since they have the most limited range of fruit juice options usually (no, I'm not a fan of carrot).

There was whirlwind clothes shopping for The Trucker and a hair-appointment for me. Yay. It is a schlep to go all the way to Sunninghill now that I've moved, but I really do like the lady who has cut my hair the last 2 times. I don't even get it done as often as every 6 months (last time was June last year! Shoo). So I walked out of there smiling ... so did The Trucker ;)

We had a little afternoon snooze after all the running around. We had a long evening ahead! On Saturday evening we got all dolled up (black-tie) and headed to Le Canard for their Centenary Titanic Last Dinner Celebration. I was super excited and the evening was great fun! From arriving to a welcome glass of champagne to the sounds of waves & seagulls to the radio clip they played us with news from 1912 to the lengthy meal and the iceberg warnings.

I don't think we really had the exact meal, they combined some courses (apparently the veggies were served as separate courses in those days?) and modernised some items (like swapping squab for quail). But I loved the idea of the recreation and am thrilled to have been able to enjoy it on the centenary (they've been hosting the recreation dinner for 7 years now apparently).

On Sunday, I made scrambled eggs with chives & feta for breakfast and then The Trucker headed off to play cricket (he had 3 games in a row today!). I went shopping instead ... got 2 new pairs of jeans which were much needed. And it's so rare for me to find 2 pairs I like so quickly that I figured why not and bought them both. I pretty much live in my jeans. So I am very happy :)

Later I grabbed us some Subway sandwiches and headed off to watch the last 2 cricket games. Poor boys, they were completely exhausted by the third one. We had home-cooked ostrich burgers for dinner and watched Our Idiot Brother. Hmmmm. It was pretty average with some mildly entertaining moments. Yeah, I know, not exactly the best sales pitch. But I wouldn't really recommend it. Nor would I tell you outright not to bother watching it tho ...

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