Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Round Up

Shoo, am I glad this was a short week. Dunno how I'm going to survive next week's Five. Whole. Days. Haha. Anyway. This week has been a good one.

Well, it started with SCM on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday I found out that my new work laptop that I'd just finished installing & setting up would be replaced by HP because of that annoying Calculator pop-up problem. Awesome. #sigh. Oh well. As I type and the Calculator pops up 100 times, suddenly re-installing a new one no longer feels like such a task ...

On Wednesday evening I went over to The Trucker's and he made dinner (I love when he makes dinner, it is delish! Yet another part of his charm). And (cute-warning) on Thursday morning I was full of smiles after going to make myself breakfast at work and discovered he'd sneaked a heart-shaped sweetie-pie into my lunch-box <3 Awe. Seriously, it is the little things that tell you someone cares :)

Last night @Thunderkitty6, @samanthaperry and @clairam came over for a #SCMGirls evening. It was much needed and very awesome. Lots of wine and pizza :)

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