Thursday, May 10, 2012

26 April: Johannesburg to Kuruman

So on my birthday, I left work early and headed home. The Trucker came to pick me up and we were off. Well, not quite. We had to make a few stops, like to fill up with petrol and then we realised we'd packed not a single item of cutlery or crockery for our 2 night of off-river camping. A quick turn back to his place and we really were off. Unfortunately this set us back a little and we hit the afternoon traffic leaving Joburg.

The drive wasn't too bad. Although how the N14 can be called a National Road is beyond both of us. It is a single lane the entire way and it is impossibly tedious. Another entertaining point was the detour due to 2 sink holes in roads (one of them in the detour of the first, creating a detour to the detour!).

Anyway, we arrived in Kuruman in the dark at about 8pm. We checked into Oude Werf Lodge and headed off to find a quick bite. Which ended up being a shared Debonairs pizza due to lack of inspiration ... and I'm not very fond of eating after 8:30 at night, if I haven't eaten by then, I'll rather just skip eating till morning. But it was my birthday after all. And the pizza was tasty and hot and dripping cheese (yum!). I got to open my gift (noise-cancelling headphones, just what I wanted for the office!! YAY) and then we enjoyed a bath in the absolutely massive bathroom before bed.

Lots more driving tomorrow! Yawn.

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