Friday, May 11, 2012

Thinking Ahead

Righto, so I suppose this week kinda deserves a "real" post ... Monday's are easy ones because I've always done something over the weekend, but if the week is quiet, there is generally not that much to say the rest of the week.

This week has been fairly quiet. Not that I haven't been busy, just quiet on blog-worthy events, if that makes sense? On Monday I had a quiet evening at home. On Tuesday I went to SCM Dinner, which was interestingly quiet with only 3 of us there. On Wednesday The Trucker came over for dinner and we vegged on the couch and last night I went to @zoosev for Book Club and The Trucker came over after (actually he was at my house way before I got home - haha).

See, busy but quiet. The Namibia Posts are going to be slow coming, I can see. I haven't even written them yet ... it's so much easier when all you're doing is copying out the already-written text. And then I have to go thru the millions of photos we both took too. But I'll get there :) I'm aiming for at least one a week at this point ;) Then hopefully I'll be done before we head off to Vietnam ... which is the hopeful holiday plan for later in the year. We must start investigating. The Trucker is really keen to go all Top Gear style and buy a bike/scooter or two and ride/train our way around. I'm game ... although my experience lies far more with the organised tour sort of holiday.

Anyhoo, so yes, we think it's funny that hopefully 2012 will turn out to be The Year of Nam' & 'Nam - hahahahaha.

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