Monday, May 07, 2012

Back from Nam

I'm back! Awe :( Always sad to be seeing the tail of a holiday ... somehow the relaxation and whatnot disappears so quickly as you get back into the swing of work and traffic and groceries ... you know, real life :P

But I did have a truly lovely trip :) River Rafting is something I'd highly recommend! I can't believe it took so long for me to finally do it! But I'm glad I did, cause I really went with the right person <3 The Trucker is an amazing partner for these sorts of things.

We also had a really nice trip thru a little of Namibia (proper-ish holiday posts to follow, well that is the intention ;) ) with not as much driving each day as we were worried we'd have. So that was a super bonus :)

We got home at about 8pm on Saturday evening ... we'd left it open, with no accommodation booked for Saturday evening, in case we wanted to drive straight home or spend more time at Kgalagadi and didn't know what time we'd head off in the morning. It was a good call.

And I was glad for yesterday spent just chilling at home and readjusting to real life. The Trucker made us breakfast in the morning then we went off and did our own thing (I went to spend some birthday money & do some gardening, he got the pajero washed! It was as bad as after the Makgadikgadi dust).

And then we relaxed at home doing our own thing and eating Tuna Salad for dinner while watching some Game of Thrones s2.

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