Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birthday Girl

Wow. Thirty Two. Yip, I'm old (er). Happens every year, you think I'd be used to it by now ;)

The week has been fairly quiet, really. The Trucker came over and worked while I watched Series on Monday night. On Tuesday I went to SCM. And last night I went to Ghazal's for dinner with The Trucker, @Toxic_Mouse and his girlf. Which would've been a lot more awesome if I wasn't having an attack of the birthday-sensitivities. Oh well. I am in a much better mood for celebrating today.

Does anyone else get weird emotionally around their birthday for no obvious reason? There is also something I feel about the pressure to have a good day that gets me ... which, I know, is ridiculous. Today the pressure is off, so I am feeling a lot better!

It started with 4 birthday wishes before I even woke up (and I thought I was up early!) and plenty more since, a very normal get up & go to work early mornign at home and now here I am. With a desk cover in pink & purple balloons, with a bunch of work to get finished today (and a Team Breakfast a little later - not birthday related) before I can leave early and head home to finish packing and The Trucker and I can set off on our mini-break to Namibia :)

Can't wait. So, I'll be back on the 7th May.

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