Friday, May 18, 2012

Wonderful Week

Wowee what a week it has been! On Monday evening I can't even remember what I did (I know, I probably shouldn't wait so long to write these posts, but I'm sure if it was something significant I'd remember). Oh yes, I stayed in, I ate left over pizza and watched Series. And The Trucker came over later in the evening. See, a pretty stock-standard week-night.

On Tuesday I had offered to host SCM Dinner. I've been wanting to since I moved in since I never had proper house warmings and now I'm not doing proper birthday parties either. I'm just "entertaining at home". So yes, I had some of the SCM-ers over, The Trucker even joined us. And it was awesome :) I made my Ostrich Chili Soup, The Trucker had managed to get my Moroccan Light up & hanging and connected to the electricity in time and it was an awesome, fabulous & fun evening :)

And there were gifts. We did my birthday SCM on Tuesday evening. I got a 4.5L Slow Cooker (which I'd asked for and am so excited to use!) and a recipe book of Slow Cooker recipes. AND Best. Gift. Ever. They made me a little recipe book on a photo stand with pics of everyone and recipes from our SCM Slow Cooker meals :) I love it. Super duper happy all round :)

On Wednesday evening The Trucker was in the mood to cook so I went round to his house and he made us fillet with red wine sauce, gem squash and potatoes the way he likes them. He even made dessert from scratch: Sago. It was all super delish :) He can really cook well, this boy! I love when he gets in a cooking mood - haha.

And we watched This Means War. Which I don't think was what either of us suspected since it is a Romantic Comedy! It was still pretty entertaining tho.

And then on Thursday I took a day off work. Was not feeling great in the morning (The Trucker used his down pillow!) and things at work have been quiet lately. So he & I went for a late breakfast which was lovely (to sleep late and have a surprise weekday breakfast, even with a pounding headache!), unfortunately the actual food wasn't worth mentioning. I have ordered omlettes twice in the last month (unusual for me), and have been disappointed both times.

More importantly tho, Thursday was our one year anniversary. Yep, it's a year since I arrived back from China and he surprised me at the airport! It's been a fantastic year and I am wildly in love with this boy <3 We have an epic weekend planned to celebrate :)

But he did come over again last night (can't remember when last I saw him every night in the week, not including holidays) for dinner and we had a relaxing evening watching series.

It has been a lovely week and I am so so so looking forward to this weekend's plans!

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