Friday, June 22, 2012

Back to Blissful

It's been a good week :) Always nice to be able to say that on a Friday - haha.

So, on Monday night The Trucker came over and I cooked us dinner. We're getting much better at this cooking & eating at home thing (you will notice we don't eat out at restaurants much during the week at all anymore!). I even made Cauliflower Mash, something I haven't had in ages that my folks used to make occasionally. Much better for me cause I don't like mashed potato (weird, I know).

On Tuesday evening it was off to SCM as usual. The Trucker was working at home. So I headed there after SCM to spend the night.

On Wednesday he came over and cooked us dinner and we watched John Carter. Meh, I wasn't blown away. I wasn't actually sure we were even watching the right movie initially since I thought it was a political drama (who knows why?). I did like the twist tho. I wouldn't recommend bothering with it unless you particularly like Sci-Fi written in the early 1900s? I did like the weird little green baby creatures tho, but there were definitely moments I felt like I was watching Star Wars Episode 1 (the flight chase scenes and the weird aliens that reminded me of Jar Jar Binks!

Oh, forgot to mention that on Sunday I watched Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs. Good light entertainment to keep your mind distracted when feeling less than stellar :)

Last night he came over again (yay for no Action Cricket this week) and I made dinner. Actually I made a total experiment that turned out to be delish and got the thumbs-up approval from us both. Will be making that accident again sometime ;) Haha.

And after dinner we got stuck in with our Vietnam bookings. We booked our flights there & home with Flight Center (I know, I don't usually use travel agents, but The Trucker has a friend who got us a good deal!) on Wednesday and will be going to pay for them later today. But we have a bunch of other little bits to book ourselves too. Last night we booked some of our internal flights (we have one we need to book still, but hoping for a better price - so far the only option we have is a Business Class fare on the flight at the time we need. And we can't change the time because we have to work around another flight! Complicated). So far that is turning out to be our most expensive thing ... aside from getting to Asia & back. So we'll no doubt suck it up and enjoy a splash of luxury ;) Haha.

We also booked our first night of accommodation (in Hanoi). OMG I am absolutely loving the agoda website. Thanks so so so much to @clairam for introducing me! I highly recommend it for accommodation bookings, they have great specials. Case in point. We booked a 3 star hotel in Hanoi for R172, including breakfast! And that is per room, so less than R100 each! Love it :)

And this morning I paid the deposit for our cruise on Halong Bay :) This weekend I anticipate a frenzy of further bookings & payment. We need to book the rest of our accommodation, 2 more day trips and a few Sleeper Train tickets.

And then we wait. Not long, mind you. Tomorrow it'll be 5 weeks till we fly! YAY :)

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