Monday, June 25, 2012

Plenty of Preparation

Hmmm, this weekend feels like it flew by. I really wasn't ready to get up and come to work this morning. More especially because at 3am I felt like I hadn't fallen asleep yet ... and then at 5:20 (when my first alarm went off, I'd just been having a truly surreal dream. No really, there were unicorns!).

Anyway, the weekend ... On Friday I met The Trucker at Flight Centre in Sandton so we could swipe our credit cards & pay for our flights to Vietnam & back. And then our afternoons turned sour and neither of us was in especially good moods in the evening. So we got take-out pizza (added our own avo at home - seriously the best way to do it!) and watched the whole Lost Room series.

On Saturday we were up sort of early to go and meet DJMike & his girlf (now fiance) for breakfast & a catch-up at Food Lovers Cafe in the new Nicholway centre. My breakfast was awesome (but far too big!) but The Trucker wasn't super impressed ... I have promised him that we can go to (my absolute worst) Tasha's once as payback.

After that we headed to Woodmead to get some specific shopping done. And then it was back home for our marathon Vietnam Accommodation booking. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon ;) We have now booked & paid for all of our accommodation, our 3 sleeper train trips and even have our Cambodian Visa's (super impressed they offer a handy e-Visa service and we got them back & approved on a Saturday! Thumbs up to Cambodia!). Vietnam also offers an e-Visa service, but we are getting our approval letters from our Halong Bay Cruise people. So yes, we have also booked & paid our deposit for our Halong Bay Cruise & booked our diving day trip at the Cham Islands. Today The Trucker will be booking & paying for our Top Gear motor-biking experience day trip (over Hai Van Pass). And then we'll be done. Saturday was 5 weeks till we fly! Yay.

So after spending a lazy afternoon, we decided to head out and watch Men In Black 3 in the evening. It was good fun :) And I am very happy to say that we didn't watch it in 3D. I am definitely going to be making a concerted effort in future to avoid the 3D movies!

After that we headed off for some sushi for dinner :) Haven't had in ages. And then it was home. Since we'd been to the 17h30 show, it was still quite early, so we watched The Boat that Rocked. Thoroughly enjoyed it, what a fun movie :)

On Sunday we had a lazy morning, only woke up at 9am! And we were going to make breakfast at home, but decided to go shopping for dinners for the week instead so ate out.

After that it was a mad dash back home then off to cricket to watch The Trucker. Was a little chilly, but lovely way to spend an afternoon in the sun :) Then we headed to my place so I could clean the bunny hutch while he relaxed. And then later back to his house for dinner. And we finally watched Chronicle and I'm not really sure what the fuss was about. Honestly all I knew of the movie was the way they launched in NY with 3 people-shaped planes. But I wasn't overly impressed. It was kinda entertaining, but in the end just sad.

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